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So a lot of the excitement of dating comes from the thrill of the chase, and then settling down into a real relationship.For the older crowd, I’m guessing (since I’m not part of this group), that it’s much more around safety, life-long matches that are highly personalized, and making it a comfortable experience.All you need to do is to get clearance from our Process Evaluators and we will set-up your payment environment in no time! Almost everyone wants it and many are willing to do almost anything to get it.

One issue here, obviously, is that as soon as you slap the “dating” label on something, you’re automatically appealing to people ready to settle down rather than to hang out with people casually. So, going back to the MDA framework, you should start at the question of, what are the feelings and emotions you’re trying to trigger when it comes to dating sites.

What sets Radiant Pay apart from the other Merchant Account Facilitators is that we excel in making Online Dating easy and profitable by offering payment solutions that are highly customised and scalable.

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THE DAILY FRONT ROW - Aug 30 - Vivek Jain is the founder and CEO of Loko, a video dating app.

Q: What differentiates Loko from other dating apps?

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