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"When one partner is feeling adventurous or afraid and they are stepping out of their comfort zone, this gives the other partner the chance to show their protective side," says Rori Sassoon, a relationship expert and co-founder of matchmaking service Platinum Poire. Consider renting bicycles and riding around town, stopping at places you've never gone before.

"This will help you confirm that the attraction you feel for your partner is not just something you experience when you're having an expensive meal," says Byron Tully, author of "In order to keep the same neurotransmitters flowing through your brain and body that were sparked when you first met, you have to do novel activities or things that are a little bit thrilling," says relationship consultant Dr. Mix things up by sampling a cuisine you've never tried before and order something you're both apprehensive to eat.

Don't underestimate the value of a quiet event, like a picnic in the park. Strong relationships are the ones that have a sense of "us," "we," or "team," says Jorge.

Visiting an amusement park can help couples remember that they are friends, as well as partners—and pals have fun together.

Plan dates centered around fun activities—like an afternoon playing mini golf—to create memories through laughter and being silly.

A challenge encourages partners to trust, support, and rely on one another, says Dorfman.

Achieving something releases dopamine and makes us feel good, says couples therapist Corrin Voeller.

Achieving something with your partner has the wonderful side-effect of your brain associating your partner with those good feelings, she explains.

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