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Even if I am more interested in its psychology — the dark side of the mind that creates or masturbates to FORCED ENTRY or WATERPOWER — this detailed history will take you on a ride to another time. A fun and filthy read about fun and filthy guy, looking for the dirt and finding it: a story of drugs, smut, mafia, the rise to fame and coming down hard – and getting away and getting away with it. “A Touching Tribute by One Adult Industry Legend to Another” By Geert Claeys on June 7, 2015 Format: Kindle Edition My earliest memory of Golden Age hardcore he-man Harry Reems stems from somewhere back in the still budding Eighties.Our (Belgian) household was still a few years removed from acquiring its first VCR, mighty pricey back in the day, but the local video store would offer cumbersome play-only devices described as “movie boxes” (anyone else remember those contraptions ?

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His encyclopedia of erotica is strictly second hand. He will never really know the smell of the Times Square subway station in 1971. September 13, 2017 | Categories: Fiction and non-fiction from Shaun Costello, Uncategorized | Tags: 1970's porn, April Spicer, Ashley Spicer, David Simon, George Pelecanos, Porn, Smut, The Deuce, The history of Smut.

He has no direct memory of any person or event he has so painstakingly chronicled. | 3 Comments Captures the essence of the City as Costello, a young man looking for work, lands a starring role in the most unexpected place!

The porn people he digs up are flattered by his interest and seduced by his persistence.

But the fact remains that all he has collected is hearsay.

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