Intimidating eratic driving tactics

This type of nonverbal feedback can be so helpful to a guy who's doing his best to please you." —Paul Joannides "When your partner is masturbating you, ask him to tug playfully on your pubic hairs.This adds a slight feeling of tension that turns on many women." —Cricket Richmond "Use pillows.He should brush gently around your vaginal area, especially the opening.

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If you're sending the message to his work computer, make sure no one else can open his e-mail!

Have sex under the piano, on a chair, and in front of a window.

Keep bringing yourselves close to orgasm, building to that peak, so that by the time you do finally climax, your orgasms will be all the more explosive." —Debora Peterson "Use each piece of furniture for a different sexual act or position.

You may both be sick and shuffling around, pale and sniffly, but then you give each other a passing kiss, and suddenly, it turns into a soulful kiss, and before you know it, you've got the bathrobes off and you're down on the floor.

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