Intj men and dating

While each INFJ/INTJ couple is unique, here are some of the differences I see come up most often: .

INFJs tend to see the personal side of any topic and don’t enjoy discussions that ignore this side.

INTJs, on the other hand, enjoy discussing the merits of the idea itself, in abstract terms, and treat the personal impact as a footnote.

This can come off as deeply insulting, without the INTJ realizing why.

This “learn by imitation” strategy means she can start a new project with nothing more than a vague plan, and—if she has good role models to look at—vastly outpace me at bringing it to fruition.

While an INFJ and INTJ’s personalities are similar, the minutiae of how we live our lives are almost completely different.

If you have been in an INFJ/INTJ relationship, you can probably think of many examples of discussions where this happened.

Because of their dominant Perspectives function, INTJ/INFJ couples actually have the power into big fights, especially if they are a little older and have learned the power of compromise. What’s fascinating about this pairing is how they happen—and how they can be salvaged.

When I leave the apartment, for example, I make sure the key is in my hand before I get to the door; my INFJ waits till she’s there and then looks for it in her purse.

In the car, I give most of my attention to driving efficiently—for example, switching lanes ahead of time to go around someone who’s making a left turn.

As a result, when an INFJ and INTJ meet they can easily feel like it’s the first time anyone has truly understood them.

Having a dominant Perspectives function in common also lets INFJs and INTJs dive deep into each other’s experiences.

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