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Dating apps, like Match and OK Cupid, rely on primitive algorithms, similar to those that were used in computer dating in the 1960’s that collect your personal data on a few basic parameters — keywords, for one, and match you with partners in proximity to you.

It also says that I’ve considerably lowered my standards at the bottom end.Almost all of women over 45 I have dated lied about their age. In fact, I grow my hair long to hide my high forehead. We know 66% of Americans are overweight, and 33% of these are considered obese.As a fudge factor, I add at least three years to any woman’s stated age. Add at least three inches — to their stated height.‘A given braggadocio’s IQ is rarely greater than twice the equivalent of the length of his member. I used to get likes from myriad women — all over the states, and always 27 years old. Watch out for those “out of the country volunteering …” as these will invariably lose their passport and money in the middle of the jungle, and ask you to wire money. For online dating members the ratio is closer to 80% overweight, and 50% of those obese. Sometimes I’d get a singsong “what do you want me to do, or giggling.With so many potential partners, thin-slicing seems to be the most economical way to waste one’s surfing, or trolling. Men showing off their materiality and machismo: insecure and likely to be mentally abusive.Women with their dogs: never married, women in suggestive poses: stay back, absolute hottie — badly wants kids, or already has three at home. Big smilers — men aren’t supposed to smile in photos : especially watch out for these type. Always.“A women I met claimed she caught her herpes ‘in her bathtub after she returned to her sublet apartment.’ I was skeptical, to say the least.

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