Invalidating a patent

We couldn’t identify any result where this feature was present along with the other limiting features. Moreover, the description revealed unsupported” could very well fit in.Thus, we put this forward for a discussion with our client.

” Fortunately, in the years we have spent performing invalidation searches, we have accrued a set of powerful tactics/maneuvers that help us invalidate the toughest of patents. We were working on a case that was dated back to 1996. I looked for a flaw in the priority chain of the target patent. The priority chain of the patent was improper, and it led us to break the priority and search from a later date.This gives us an idea of what features to look for in the search (just as the references cited in prosecution).In the set of references, one of the results seemed to be a Category X result.In fact, an experienced person would relate to this when I say: In many cases, we do not have bang-on results.So, one needs to know the ‘unconventional’ ways that one can take to get to those results.

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