Is brenda song still dating trace cyrus

I hope everyone can respect our privacy about this situation.” With news of their break up in the media, they again patched up again 6 months later.In June , the couple got together again with Trace tweeting, “I wanna tell the world about u just so they can get jealous.” The singer and actress had a fifteenth-month relationship before their second break up.He has also dated several high profiles such as Amor Hilton, Hanna Beth Merjos, and Demi Lovato before finally engaging with Brenda.All in all, the status of Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus is that of an ex-lover. Looking at their relationship we can only wish for them to move on with their new life.Wonder what Miley is going to say if the news is true!

It was heard that the actress deleted all of Trace’s photos from her Instagram account.

And, since then, she has dated Aaron Musicant, Jesse Mc Cartney, Jason Dolley, and Flo Rida.

The son of Billy Ray Cyrus is also no less than her current girlfriend cum fiancé, Brenda.

Whatever be the case, Brenda and Trace broke up again with the reason still undisclosed.

Recently, the actress, Brenda has been seen with the lead actor of the series, Macaulay Culkin.

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