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(Just ask the teammates he’s schooled in his favorite off-hours obsession, Connect Four.) But he’s a genius who repeatedly does dumb things: picking fights with coaches, getting baited into on-court spats and shoving matches, and, in one case last December, unleashing a homophobic rant at a ref.At the moment, though, having lanked over to a set of bleachers along the facility’s west wall and leaned his elbows up on one of the slats, legs splayed before him on the gleaming wood floor, Rondo, 30, lolls with an almost Zen-like calm.(He ranks in the top 30 all-time in both assists and steals per game.) As Jimmy Butler put it earlier in the day, Rondo has an uncanny ability to see “things before they develop”—even and especially one of his not-so-favorite things: doing an in-depth interview.But prescience and caginess are not the only qualities he’s known for.As if things couldn't get any stranger, Houston-raised rapper and producer Travis Scott looked like he might join the fracas as well.Before he ever hurled anti-gay slurs at Kennedy, Rondo received a two-game suspension in 2012 for throwing the ball at one referee."For you people out there who don't know, Rondo and Chris Paul have never liked each other.

On a postpractice early afternoon at the Chicago Bulls workout facility, just across from the United Center, the players—stars and scrubs, vets and rooks—have vanished into the bowels of the building to simmer in a whirlpool, stretch a balky back, grunt and heave in the weight room.That same year, he was ejected from a playoff game for lightly and heatedly chest bumping another official.AK (Anthony Kiedis) from Red Hot Chilie Peppers should of gotten kicked out the game for yelling profanities and flipping the bird to Chris Paul and the #Rockets staff.Some of Twitter's part-time mouthguard scientists would have us believe this is an unavoidable batter of drool and phlegm releasing itself when Rondo went to speak. This angle makes it look like Rondo casually hocks a loogie in Paul's face after checking to see whether Phillips was watching: Here's the longer cut of the video the Rockets sent the league office - the close-ups on Rondo's mouth at the end address the spit issue.But the first minute of video is interesting in itself, especially if you, um, read lips.

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