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(Sidebar: I don't understand people who don't talk about kids openly from early on. Wonder if that means anything or if they’re not into PDA. I also noticed that he didn’t “like” K’s post from last night, which he usually does within like 10 mins.It is a major thing and something that many people have opinions on.)-She says she'll get more into it next week. 🤔Anyone else find Dean irritating and immature when asking about Kristina and Blake?The men say they've heard that many women are in the wrong size bra.Dean takes his shirt off and puts Vanessa's bra on.But mostly, trust your gut.-They talk about social media deep dives and Susan brings up Becca and Garrett.-Vanessa says 'is it a good idea to scan a place if you're left alone in someone's apartment? Vanessa says she would prefer people be upfront and honest about things.-Susan says con artists hide all their stuff anyway.She says she's investigating a guy who's preyed on a lot of women.-Vanessa says she's either super single or invested in one person she's talking to. They plug ''-Update: Dean is still wearing the bra but put his shirt back on over the bra.-They talk about 23andme. Dean says they're supposed to be going on dates.Probably shouldn't have brought it up at all (it's not a Bachelor "news" podcast like ' Almost Famous'), but, since he did, the classy thing to do would have been to say something acknowledging that he's curious about his ex moving on (who isn't? As it is, he seemed to be fishing for Vanessa to reveal something they obviously want to keep private or pushing for her to reveal that people are making more out of the relationship than it is.

He's not on social media at all.-She doesn't bash dating apps as she has friends who met their partners on apps.-Dean's roommate always says "you have to disconnect to connect."-Jedediah made up the term -"OCTD" - obsessive compulsive technology disorder.-Apparently the new i Phone has an update called 'screen time' that the male producer guys (Easton and Mark) have looked at to see how much they're using their phones.-Vanessa says she dated someone who was obsessed with his phone. She says she's afraid to travel without a bra because of getting patted down.

They are planning their wedding, but that isn’t all they are doing.

The couple just wrote their first book together and it happens to be a children’s book.

He and Vanessa met up over the weekend and talked about nationality.-Humans and bananas share 66% of their DNA.

There's a new podcast about 23andme.-Vanessa's love life 'doesn't exist' according to her.-She went to a wedding recently - a couple from Big Brother.

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