Italian marfia dating

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I entered a mysterious room where there were many men armed with guns sitting around a table.

In the center of the table there was a skull drawn on a piece of paper and a knife.

"You were baptized when you were a baby, your parents did it. The most important rule is the Omertà, the oath of silence.

But now, this time, we gonna baptize you." The baptism seems to represent the new stage of life that is beginning. It is a frequently broken rule, as seen by FBI informants, but also punishable by death.

The first known account of the ceremony dates back to 1877 in Sicily.

The typical sequence of the ceremony according to several distinct descriptions has common features.

In a memoir written many years later, he describes the initiation ritual he underwent in the spring of 1893: [I] was invited to take part in a secret meeting of the Fratuzzi.Further evidence of this mentality can be seen when Tortora is asked if he would kill his brother for the Mafia. In Joe Bonanno's 1983 autobiography he stated that neither he nor his family participated in the drug trade, calling it a "filthy business." These rules are often broken, as evidenced by the FBI, and it has been questioned whether this rule was ever enforced, or if it is simply a myth.This mentality most likely comes about because members are giving their entire lives to the organization. Regardless, in more recent times there is little support for any abstinence from drug rackets on the part of the mafia. People not of the Mafia were introduced as "a friend of mine." Members were referred to as "a friend of ours." Never were they allowed to say who they were in an introduction, except in particular circumstances.This is one example of the family mentality of the Mafia. Biagio Di Giacomo emphasized the severity of Omertà when he said, "It's no hope, no Jesus, no Madonna, nobody can help us if we ever give up this secret to anybody, any kinds of friends of mine, let's say.It is implied that the Mafia is taking the place of the member's family, of his parents. This thing cannot be exposed." Rules about drugs are reiterated in many accounts, where it is detailed that members must abstain from both using and selling drugs of any kind.

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