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Jinn accused the Outsiders of abducting COG citizens, and soon declares that the Outsiders are starting a war they cannot hope to win.After a violent battle which left large parts of the village in flames, JD and Del attempt to fix the Fabricator which had sustained damage during the battle, with Kait watching guard.Unknown to them at the time, the bot was controlled and monitor by "Uncle" Baird, who was keeping an eye on JD and helping him on behalf of Marcus. The team tried to get inside the Settlement before the Stormwall closed them out, but they were too late.They managed to survive the Windflare, and after it passed the team was able to enter Settlement 5.Since they were once COG soldiers, they knew how to navigate Settlements and the security.However, the looting of Settlements heated the tensions between the Outsiders and the COG.Del convinced JD into going AWOL with him and abandoning the COG.

While growing up on the Stroud Estate, his family lived off the land and at peace.Kait's uncle, Oscar, the small team survived a Windflare and successfully breached the settlement's perimeter, however shortly afterward ended up with a prolonged skirmish with the settlement's Dee Bee security force.After escaping from Settlement 5 with the help of an unknown benefactor, JD and his squad returned to Fort Umson with the Fabricator, just in time to hold off a heavy assault from the mechanized forces of COG First Minister Jinn.JD, Del, and Kait managed to enter, retrieve the Fabricator, fight the defending Dee Bees, and exit the hub while Oscar held the door outside.When they emerged, Oscar had been detained by First Minster Jinn through her Command Bot.

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