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I often wondered how he could drive across the United States and not be able to read. He said that he would take his road map and match the words with the signs on the highway until he reached his destination. In fact, that was the beginning of his road of faith.

Years before, he was down in Kansas in jail because he had made a wrong turn and that led to a personal confrontation with a State Trooper that led to a negative result that required his time before the Judge, which led to his brief incarceration.

First, he was a motorcycle man and dressed accordingly.

He even had a large beard that went well with his leather jacket.

And even though I didn’t know at the time, he couldn’t read either.

That fact amazed me because he had been a long distance big-rig truck driver before he retired and began to give his testimony of his salvation experience.

No matter your purpose, restaurants, bars, night club, events, gaming, the culture, exploration, temples ...

This book is a story or series of stories about people.

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‘Cheap Grace’ In Search of Bad News It’s a Long Trip Why Should a Church Have a Prison Ministry?

This followed by the Lord leading him into the prison ministry and that brought him to our prison.

Later, after a few years, I retired from that prison and he then became associated with the prison nearby where his ministry was greatly expanded under the leadership of the kindly and devoted chaplain of that prison.

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