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Clara's gasp was half revulsion, half anticipation as she felt the head of his cock at her moist entrance. "There was a jolt behind her as the Doctor regained himself momentarily."I can't control it... The quick turnaround had opened a door to the Doctor's darkest fantasies, and the Cyber-Planner raised an eyebrow as he skimmed through the compromising positions his host had imagined Clara in."Oh, he isn't sorry at all," said the Cyber-Planner. Clara cried out as the Cyber-Planner began to thrust the Doctor's cock in long, languorous strokes.

The desire inside her that clamored to the surface only served to redouble her efforts for freedom."No, please! "Ever since he met you the Doctor has dearly wanted to do... Smashed against the tabletop, Clara's cheek flushed bright red at the humiliation, but her pussy only dampened further at the sensation of the large member sliding around inside her.

"I'm really only doing what he hasn't had the moxie to do himself."He roughly tweaked a nipple.Clara came around the chair to face him."Right, now what's the plan?Tell me you have a plan," Clara said, wide eyes twinkling.This was not the Doctor, but he was in there somewhere.He would snap out of it, blush, make an awkward joke and then they could get on with the business of once again saving humanity.

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