Lactating and dating

So, for a man who truly desires to experience what it feels like to produce breast milk and maybe, breastfeed a baby, all you need to do is to constantly play with your nipples for a long time.

Since repeated mechanical stimulation is a natural way of releasing prolactin, your nipples will become viable milk projectors as soon as you have enough prolactin in your system.

A 38-year-old Sri Lankan man proved in 2002, that this point is actually true when he reportedly began breastfeeding his second child after his wife died in the course of childbirth.

New mothers are commonly heaped with advice — some of it welcome, some not.

Right now, we call the process of feeding a baby milk breastfeeding or nursing and it is a job for the mother.But there's one rather unconventional piece of wisdom that stands out from the rest: For decades, women have been told they should drink Guinness — the dark, Irish beer — to boost their production of breast milk and nourish their newborns.To Guinness lovers, this might be a welcome nugget of advice. One thing we do know is that the idea has roots deep in history, long before Guinness came along.It has, however, been shown that men can lactate so the question that is probably left to answer is; why don’t they begin producing milk in the appropriate circumstances like women do?In the first place, genetics is the major reason why women and not men lactate routinely in appropriate circumstances.

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