Law school and dating speed dating in york uk

Honestly, and not to offend anyone, but dating another law student is completely out of the question.Where I go to school a good 90% of the "boys" that go there are so full of themselves, that their ego and I couldn't fit in the same room, let alone share a table for dinner.While I like going out on the weekends, I really have no desire to say I met my husband in a bar.Truthfully, I'm not sure I can get over my selfishness to deal with dating. The problem is that once you are in law school it's a catch 22.Your work right now includes attending class, going over your notes, preparing outlines, attending study groups, and simply doing your assigned reading.

Some professors recommended 12 hours a day, but you may find that to be a bit excessive.Truly, I'm open to suggestions on the topic, but I think it's ridiculous to even entertain the idea.To honor the month of love, I thought I’d offer a few perspectives on surviving law school with your relationship intact.Preparing for your 1L year isn’t all about academics though. You’re about to start one of the hardest periods of your life so unwinding and enjoying yourself the summer before law school is important.Spend time with your friends and family and get yourself physically and mentally prepared for the semester ahead.

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