Leader lines excel updating

In Excel, the leader lines are black by default (in Excel 2013 they are grey), and some of you may want to change the leader lines’ color or change the format of the leader lines, now you can read this tutorial to format leader lines in Excel.Format leader lines In Excel, there is a dialog called Format Leader Lines, you can format leader lines in it. Click at the leader lines, and right click to select Format Leader Lines in the context menu. Then in the popping Format Leader Lines dialog/pane, you can change the color in Line Color section, and check Solid line and select the color you need from the Color list.See screenshot: You also can change the leader lines formatting by changing the line style or glow and soft edge.

When there are many data in a pie chart in Excel, and after adding data labels to the pie, the labels will be huddled together, which make you confused as below screenshot shown.It the wedges are large enough, the labels go inside, or Inside End.Otherwise they go outside, Outside End unless they have to be rearranged to prevent overlaps, in which case the leader lines come out.But if you display the leader lines in the pie chart, the pie chart will be viewed clearly.Display leader lines in pie chart To display leader lines in pie chart, you just need to check an option then drag the labels out. Click at the chart, and right click to select Format Data Labels from context menu. In the popping Format Data Labels dialog/pane, check Show Leader Lines in the Label Options section. Close the dialog, now you can see some leader lines appear.

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