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As expected though, she kept it classy and said she had no regrets about the way she handled things in that relationship. I remember as a kid, my first breakup at 14 years old, I was jamming to Toni Braxton trying to heal out here. Just taking those experiences and learning from them. Not just with boyfriend and girlfriend relationships, but I’ve had some awesome people in my life.Here are the deets she shared: I think, and I can’t really speak on it like that, but anytime you open up and allow yourself to love and love hard, that’s the risk you take of it possibly not working out. Even though I bumped my head in a few things, like we all do, I can honestly say I’m a better person for it and I learned from every single situation. I’m just in a great space right now and I’m sure he is too. I know what that did — me and Slim [Thug] went back and forth for 10 years. In 2015, after dating for a year, singer Le Toya Luckett and Rob Hillman, a.k.a., author and beloved Internet self-help enthusiast Rob Hill, Sr., got engaged.According to TMZ, the pair quietly wed in January of 2016 before splitting up a little over two months later.Of course, in response to a question about why he split with Luckett, Slim Thug did say "I cheated and had a baby with another chick and it all went down from there." Yeah, gotcha!

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The caption shared some details about their friend’s wedding, “Celebrating Lex & Terrance #On APerfect Note.” Fans absolutely loved the singer’s preggo look. My baby shower is in two wks…wish I could find something this elegant 🙏🏽” “I’m so happy for you three I seen you on the Pastor’s reality show. My fresh smoothie game is aaiiiight,” she wrote in a January post on Instagram. Welp, today I choose to stop the worry and put on my new crown as a warrior.” Despite her doubts, it appears the blended family is in a wonderful place.

Le Toya Luckett, who will be featured in the new season, shared that “Tip and Tiny and I go way back.” “Tip and I met when I was 18, 19 years old? “He was one of my first boyfriends, so that was hilarious. was one of the singer’s first boyfriends before he blew up, and after her departure from DC.

“Tiny of course being a part of Xscape, me being a part of Destiny’s Child, we looked up to them,” Luckett said. They were killing R&B music and I love them, especially Tiny because she has that ’round the way girl attitude in all of the videos and I could really relate to her.” Whatever relationship the rapper and Luckett had in the past wasn’t enough to keep the ladies from being good friends. (whom she wed and divorced in 2016), NBA players Kevin Durant and De Shawn Stevenson, and of course, rapper Slim Thug.

Le Toya later revealed that she was involved with another man and not Kevin.

Similarly, she dated Producer Joseph Macklin in 2012.

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