Make your own dating site

WP Dating is a dating software, that offers a Word Press Dating plugin.

It is very easy to use and solves every problem related to modern dating.

For example: If you wish to date a girl of height 5’5”, it is difficult to return the specific result of your choice.

Whereas you can easily find the people of your choice in a dating site.

The firsgood performance hosting service making sure the pages load fast and your content and code is secure.

In our opinion, one of the best quality hosts currently on the market in terms of value / quality ratio is the company called Siteground.

You can see their pricing and the features they give you.

It’s very expensive compared to above listed plugins.

In case, if you find Buddy Press difficult then you have other options too.

This plugin allows you to create your own community.

It includes the features like creating user profiles, notifications, groups, activity and everything that online community expects.

They offer special packages for Word Press site owners and focus on expert support and top-performance server configurations.

The user control panel is very easy to use and offers a lot of extra features most hosts don’t have – like a free 1-click SSL certificate which we recommend using for a dating website where you will be providing users with profiles and logins details.

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