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Mighty Mouse was preceded by Supermouse, a similar character produced by the same Terrytoons artists who appeared in seven animated shorts in 1942-1943.

Supermouse, who was modeled closely on Superman (for example, he had a blue and red costume rather than Mighty Mouse’s red and yellow suit), was replaced by the slightly less derivative Mighty Mouse, possibly out of fear of legal action by Superman’s publisher, National, which had already filed copyright infringement suits against several other publishers, most famously Fawcett Comics, the publisher of Captain Marvel.

Supreme did not have this power prior to this issue. ” is reminiscent of the favorite phrase of Marvel’s seventies hero Luke Cage (the Hero for Hire, later known as Power Man): “Sweet Christmas!

Page 3: This is the first glimpse of two of the many alternate Supremes that we will shortly meet, Sister Supreme and Superion. ” Page 4: Here we see Superion (left) and Sister Supreme (right) in full view.

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Contents: Supreme #41 Supreme #42 Supreme #43 Supreme #44 Supreme #45 Supreme #46 Supreme #47 Supreme #48 Supreme #49 Supreme #50 Supreme #51 Supreme #52A Supreme #52B Judgment Day Sourcebook Judgment Day Alpha Judgment Day Omega Judgment Day Final Judgment Judgment Day: Aftermath Supreme #53 Supreme #54 Supreme #55 Supreme #56 Supreme: The Return #1 Supreme: The Return #2 Supreme: The Return #3 Supreme: The Return #4 Supreme: The Return #5 Supreme: The Return #6 Awesome Holiday Special #1 Youngblood #1 Youngblood #1 Youngblood #2 Awesome Adventures#1/Youngblood #3 Youngblood #4 Youngblood #5 Youngblood #6 Youngblood #7 Youngblood #8 Youngblood #9 Youngblood #10 Youngblood #11 Youngblood #12 Glory #0 (Awesome) Glory #1 Glory #2 Supreme #63 COVER: i) SUPERMAN (1st series) # 1 for the pose and backdrop ii) various 1940's and 1950's DC comics for the "Complete in this issue...

Supermouse, like Supremouse, gained his powers by eating super-cheese.

A very similar but unrelated Supermouse character appeared in Standard Publishing’s Coo-Coo Comics around the same time; in 1948 he received his own title, which survived until 1958.

Panel 3: Another African-American actor's catchphrase: This time comic actor Mantan Moreland, whose schtick in countless films of the 1930s was the hero's assistant who fled at the first sign of danger with a cry of "Feets, do your stuff! It's apparently (and rightfully) considered an unofficial part of the ADVENTURE canon, since it's been reprinted in both the Adventure LSH-digest run and in LSH Archives.

" Page 8: Note that the architecture of the golden citadel seems strongly influenced by both the work of Jack Kirby (particularly in the fins and antennae at the city’s base) and by the cover artwork of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged (the figure of Supreme holding an enormous white globe is particularly reminiscent of the image of Atlas with the world on his shoulders). Finally, it also could be the story in Action 233 (1957) entitled "Land of A Million Supermen" and reprinted in Superman 187.

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