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Kevin Federline played a guy called Jason Federline (! , for crying out loud—but to me, he'll always be Jake Jagielski, the lovable single dad in seasons one to three.

), the arrogant, pain-in-the-ass lead singer of a rock band hiding the talents of Kate Voegele in season five. Peyton very nearly moved across the country for him, such was her love for this mop-haired young man, but then she decided she was into Lucas instead and promptly forgot all about Jagielski.

In one of the most truly bonkers storylines of the entire series (which is a bold statement, I realize), Torrey De Vitto played Nanny Carrie, Jamie's nanny turned evil nurse turned homicidal maniac.

After this unforgettable season six storyline (which I do not mean in a good way), De Vitto joined in both seasons one and six.

When it comes to celebrity moms, they feel all the emotions us "regular" moms experience.

On any given evening between 20, you could find me illegally streaming the WB-turned-CW classic on a battered PC; I am, in short, a .She meets her birth mom, Ellie, who dies literally weeks later.Peyton discovers Ellie had a son, her half-brother Derek.They have bills to pay, kids to feed, a house to take care of, and a job to do.Now, they have the money and the means to do all these things easily, but they're still similar chores, all the same.

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