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First of all, your Petition must contain the correct language in it to get a fault divorce, and, in the case of adultery, there are special service requirements. Then the Petitioner must PROVE the grounds, and must prove that the grounds are what caused the breakdown of the marriage.For example, a claim of adultery can be defeated if the "guilty" spouse can prove that the marriage was broken before s/he became involved with the other person.In New Hampshire, the Superior Courts and Family Courts have subject matter jurisdiction over divorces and unwed custody cases.If you are not sure which court in your County is handling Divorces go to the Judicial Branch website.In a case to establish Parental Rights and Responsibilities, where the parents are unmarried, the relief will be limited to orders pertaining to the children.

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We say that: "irreconcilable differences have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage." This means that the parties have differences that cannot be fixed and that those differences have caused the marriage to be permanently broken.This paper helps fill that gap by analyzing data from two surveys: a study of 526 dating couples at a large midwestern university, and a study of a national probability sample of 5005 married and 237 cohabiting couples.The results show that cohabiting couples have a higher rate of assault than dating and married couples.Before filing for divorce on fault grounds, consult with an attorney.In many cases, there is nothing to be gained by claiming fault.

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