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Emotional confrontations don't scare them at all, yet they are frequently afraid they will be left.

Cancer Venus has a long memory, and it is difficult for them to forget an injury.

Emotional upsets, financial problems, rebellious spending. Neptune: A time of deception and misreading signals. Ascendant: Your sense of self-worth, self-esteem and sense of lovability are not good now.

You can start to feel sorry for yourself and feel disappointed in others who may not meet your needs…at least, in the manner that you anticipate.

You feel that you do not get the recognition that you deserve. Moon: A time of overly sensitive moods and hurt feelings. Mars: Anger and jealousy can cause relating problems. Jupiter: This aspect will cause phoniness and role playing in a relationship.

They are more attentive to their partner's feelings than their words.

They are closely attached to their home and family.

Rejection is one of their biggest fears, and they can try some very frustrating ploys to find out if you love them or not. When these needs are met, they are patient, loving and dependable.

Brian Williams has Jupiter in Scorpio (at a late degree) square Pluto in Virgo. There are a lot more liars due to fall from high places.

Saturn in Sagittarius is aspecting this square in his chart.

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