Mason dating daughter of another mason

I think it's pretty common knowledge that most of the founding fathers, including Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin were masons, not to mention Voltaire and Bolivar (revolutionaries in other countries).

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by @Erika LSanchez.

Dreamy group of people collaborating on a little gem of a script @thefosterwilson, @brianpleahy & @illbezucked. Starring @itsjeaninemason & @illbezucked Hm2Dwxx Y MADE PUBLIC is now made public! Ior Ka6h G MADE PUBLIC - @thefosterwilson directs this witty and winning comedy short about a groom’s cold feet going viral—forcing him and his bride to rely on the court of public opinion to save or destroy their marriage.

Actually, I haven't seen a single question that is in violation of my oaths.

That is not to say I wouldn't answer that question.

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