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Interesting rabbit hole to leap down: The Hidden History of View-Master Today, View-Master is owned by Fisher-Price and is considered a young child’s toy but the collector market thrives online.

The Nation Stereoscopic Association The NSA is a group dedicated to all things 3-D, with an emphasis on photography.View-Master Reels and Packets: A Collector’s Guide A huge, expensive, illustrated guide that is up to three volumes, last I looked.The View Master and 3D Stereo Group This is a members-only group populated with some of the most knowledgeable View-Master collectors in the world. New members are welcome to search the archive for information that dates back more than 10 years and to ask questions of members to benefit from the group’s collective wisdom.Any View-Master brand viewer will show any View-Master brand reel from any decade.Most vintage items are relatively inexpensive, but the price goes up exponentially for rare items.

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