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Riggs walks out into the line of fire and kills the sniper, emptying his clip into him.Riggs, after leaving Murtaugh's house, goes out to solicit a prostitute.The plot is okay but what definitively stands out is Mel Gibson's performance.From start to finish, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) makes you feel excited just watching him.I am a man aged 40 looking for a lady to marry in Bulawayo. I am a year-old man looking for a lady aged between 18 to 25 years who is serious.I am looking for a sex-starved woman who is HIV negative. I am a lady aged 38 looking for a serious man aged 39 and above who is not married. I am a lady aged 22 with two kids looking for a guy aged who is ready for marriage.I am a lady aged 23 looking for a serious guy to settle down with.

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I am a year-old HIV-positive man looking for a good looking lady of the same good opening headlines for dating sites who is financially stable preferably from Harare.The antenna holes in the roof & trunk are filled with rubber plugs.This is standard for decommissioned police cars after the police radios & antennas are removed.Besides the amazing casting, the overall story is mediocre.In this film, though, it's the acting that makes it special.

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