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Records of the Marine Barracks, Norfolk, VA (in Philadelphia), consisting of letters sent by the commanding officer, 1817-1909, with gaps; and reports, 1865-1915.Letters received by the Marine Barracks, Pensacola, FL, 1882-84 (in Atlanta). 495), July 26, 1947; with the Department of the Navy to the Department of Defense (formerly NME) by National Security Act Amendments of 1949 (63 Stat. Functions: Provides amphibious forces for service with the fleet and conducts land operations essential to a naval campaign. Security-Classified Records: This record group may include material that is security-classified. 127.2 Records of The Office of the Commandant 1798-1978 127.2.1 General records Textual Records: Letters sent, 1798-1801, 1804-1911, with indexes, 1848-1904. General correspondence, 1904-38 (648 ft.), with indexes and synopsis cards, 1904-12. Individual news release submission files of former public information personnel, 1943-47. Biweekly production and distribution reports, 1942-46. General correspondence and war plans of the Division of Plans and Policies, 1915-47. 712); with the Department of the Navy to the newly established National Military Establishment (NME) by the National Security Act of 1947 (61 Stat. 2 (1970); updated version in National Archives microfiche edition of preliminary inventories. General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1947- , RG 428. 127.2.2 Records of the Division of Information and its predecessor, the Division of Public Relations Textual Records: General correspondence, 1942-50. Records accumulated by the Historical Division, including letters received principally by the Commandant of the Marine Corps, 1798- 1915, with a card register; records of overseas units, 1889-1914; records relating to U. Marine Corps activities in Nicaragua, 1927-33; scrapbooks of clippings, 1880-1901, 1908-9; reference collection of external military command documents, 1948-78; reference collection of military and State Department documents, 1948-78; and publications and supporting records relating to preparation of .127.7 Records of Marine Barracks and Other Shore Establishments in the United States 1802-1938 Finding Aids: Fred G. Reports of the Marine Barracks, New London, CT, 1910-11 (in Boston).

Marine activities in Nicaragua, 1912-31 (NP, 97 images).

127.3 Records of The Adjutant and Inspector's Department 1775-1971 127.3.1 General records Textual Records: Letters sent, 1819-26, 1832-1911. 127.3.2 Personnel records Textual Records: Records relating to officers, consisting of rosters, 1821-50; registers, 1819-48; military histories, 1869- 73, 1899-1911; and monthly reports, 1821-1911, with gaps. 127.5 Records of The Quartermaster's Department 1813-1942 Textual Records: Letters sent, 1813-14, 1823-53, 1857-60, 1860- 63. Log book of government property entering or leaving Washington Barracks, 1909. 127.7.2 Records of other marine barracks Note: Additional records described below are candidates for transfer to regional archives.

Captured Japanese records relating to operations at Bougainville, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima, 1942-45.

Audio tapes of radio program "Marine Diary," 1978-80 (93 items).

127.13 Still Pictures (General) 1870-1981 Photographs (197,904 images): History and activities of the Marine Corps, 1905-41 (G, 16,650 images; EX, 30 images), including photographs of artwork depicting events dating back to 1775.

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