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G Wells War Of Worlds 1st description Nuclear Weapons 1,330 airports Star Alliance Spent Nuclear Fuel San Luis Obispo Diablo Nuclear Reactor Star Alliance Headquarters at Goodyear AZ Airport 16,000 acre Cotton in Goodyear Car Tires CEO Paul Litchfield a Mayflower Descendant Goodyear founders Akron Ohio Quaker Oats Bars Civil War Solders Quaker Oats Chairman Moody Bible College by Mcdonalds headquarters Chicago 1st Mcdonalds Franchise Phoenix 1888 incorporated by John Fremont 5th Governor AZ 1st Governor a Hat-maker Born Hartford CT Chicago to Santa Monica Route 66 and i4o Canyon Diablo Bridge Whipple Arizona Territory 1st Capitol Fort Whipple namer Born Greenwich MA JFK Leased USS Diablo to Pakistan Apple Computers Chief financial officer Petter Oppenheimer donated 20 Mil San Luis Obispo Cal Poly food science World Trade Center across Goldman Sacks Peter Oppenheimer a Alpha Gamma Rho Sorority signed by Abraham Lincoln Morrill College Land-Grant 1st Private Chapter Beta Psi Robots locate & stack different-colored cat food cans Arizona Volunteer Sheriffs Steven Seagull with Lou Ferrigno also worked at Delaware County Sheriff 555 Sunbury Road Delaware Buy Big Walnut Hi School 555 Rd Age 5 Michel Jackson Trainer 80% Def Incredible Hulk actor Lou Jude Ferrigno a real life SLO San Luis Obispo Hearst Castle owner William Randolph Hearst owner Walt Disney Company Hearst owner 30 magazines 20 News Papers Steven Weed girlfriend Patricia Hearst in Redwood City Jail SLO Court Rob me 24,000 Dollars then SLO Police Beat me up in Grocery Store SLO Police Charge me with Stealing a envelope with my own name on it British Roman Capitol Colchester Braintree Essex Named Braintree Massachusetts Birthplace (1 President John Adams (2 Sylvanus Thayer Founder West Point (3 Thomas Edison (4 Little Deer Isle Granite (A John F Kennedy Tomb (B Naval Academy (C USA Oldest Brooklyn Bridge Granite 5 Mil rehabilitation Statue Liberty & US Capital Wing Rosendale Cement from Olive Marble Town briefly State capital after British Burned Kingston Hartford Connecticut 1st NY to Boston postal system founder Francis Lovelace Imprisoned in Tower London 176 AON workers died 9/11 Kraft Foods in AON Headquarters world’s tallest marble-clad building 43,000 slabs Italian Carrara Marble George Washington SCULPTOR Ho RATio Greenough Tate Georgia Marble in Lincoln Memorial designed by Henry Bacon Abraham Lincoln's patent invention lift boats over Sand Bars Obstructions in a river only USA patent ever registered to US President World Largest Sand & Gravel founder Generoso Pope died 1040 Fifth Ave 14 years later 30 years lived Jacqueline Kennedy Martha White flour Pillsbury UN General Assembly Judges Green Marble podium Green Carpet & all desks Green Tops 25 Occ white Marble μάρμαρον mármaron mármaros Princess Charlotte Governess Martha White husband moved 483 BC Parthenon Greece Marble Sculptures to British Museum founded by 71,000 item Collections from physician Hans Sloane governor Nations 1st Abandoned Children Hospital Sloane Hot chocolate Millstone 6000 BC Romans 1st grind seeds on cone Mills 1st steam Mill London Benjamin Franklin French Military assistance letter to George Washington Defeat September 11 1777 Battle Brandywine Creek moved Liberty Bell to Bethlehem PA Nathanael Greene Quarter Master supplied meat bread making fire-cake 9/11 stoped Newark Liberty flights Handley Page Halifax Bombers Harrod Aviation 55 Kilometers from Liberty Bell made Briton Oldest Company Appleton Whitechapel Bell Foundry Whitechapel London Roman road to Roman capital of Britain destroyed by Boudica In Spring Washington Order windows cut in 2,000 huts 12,000 Solders Retook Philadelphia Washingtons Personal Belongings stored at Bethlehem Burnside Plantation became 332 foot Martin Tower Headquarter Bethlehem Steel made 1,100 Warships Bethlehem Gun Foundry Board member Abraham Lincoln son Washington Utility Spies William Duer Frye & Benjamin Tallmadge son NYPD Police Commissioner Frederick defeated by Canal Commission William from Adams Village Jefferson County defeated by Benjamin Franklin Bruce Canal Candidates compiled by Franklin Benjamin Hough Speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses Augustine Warner Last common Ancestor Queen Elisabeth & President George Washington relatives Robert E Lee ancestors Powhatan Schooner wrecked 1/2 mile south Schooner Manhattan wreck Tun 1/2 Butt Butt unit 2 Hogshead 108 imperial gallons Alcohol Wine Cellar Marshal of the King 4 times Sheriff of Gloucestershire Maurice Russell grandson Maurice Denys Hi Sheriff Gloucestershire MANOR Earthcott Green Hugh Denys Hamlake Castle Elizabeth Berkeley Augustine Washington Sr wife Anne Pope FATHER Gilbert Denys grandson King Eadred gave 3000 Acer’s to John Dennys Somerset Glastonbury Abbey founder Joseph of Arimathea took body of Jesus Christ where Christopher Columbus Docked Glastonbury Abbey charter of Ursula St Barbe died Gun Powder Explosion 1567 at *Worsley House owner Ursula St Barbe husband Queen Elizabeth Spymaster Francis Walsingham (#1 Uncle Anne Boyle Sister married William Carey ran Privy chamber (#2 Uncle Anthony Denny ran Privy fire destroyed Henry VIII Privy then Anthony Denny keeper of Westminster ancestor Giles *Worsley COMITY Princess Diana Memorial Fountain is Shell Gas designer Dad Heart Surgeon Sainte-Barbe signify powder magazine ship or fortress Privy Council Prince Charles at Glastonbury Abbey 8th July 2014 oldest church in England BBC Ted Harrison AUTHOR ( Poppies Grief & Heroism ( DOCUMENTARY Jesus visited Falmouth & Glastonbury Glastonbury Whitelake River National media coverage Glastonbury town floral displays marijuana plants Glastonbury ( Founder Welch Juice ( ACTOR Last of the Summer Wine ( Glastonbury Sister City’ (1 Patmos Greece wrote Book of Revelation ( 2 Bretenoux-borie France borie boil cocaine Rainbow Kitten Surprise BAND Cocaine Jesus King Henry VII Stool Groom Hugh Denys purchased George Washington great-great-grandfather Lawrence Washington Estate sold to James Bonnell East India Company WIC Lawrence Washington purchase Sulgrave Manor from Henry VII Captured War Roses Welland Valley Rockingham Castle William the Conqueror Fotheringhay Castle Executed Mary Queen of Scots Trinity River Welland joins River Jordan by Little Bowden Red Lion Inn & Gartree's Prison hijacked Bell 206 Helicopter Jordan River Market *Harborough Adam & Eve Street Cabinet Maker Founded Thomas Cook Travel Booking 14,600 Employee & 1st Rood The World Steamship Trip 222 days 1st Bank United States 1st Presidents daughter married 1st speaker William Bingham owned 2 Million Maine acres & ran all America, USA Capitol & Bingham 2nd Philadelphia Light Horse saw little action & escorted George Washington Valley Forge to NY George Washington Ambush Battle of Monmouth General Charles Lee sold commission after 7 Years War & served King Of Poland 1772 Russian Empire Power Quartermaster General Henry Dearborn founded Monmouth Maine Plymouth Patent Freetown 1777 Plymouth Colony King Philip's War 1st Indian War 1st White Woman Born in New England Buried Cemetery Stone Table grave in Rode island Little Compton named after Compton-Parva Warwickshire UK St Denys Church Jordan River George Washington Light Artillery Winfield Scott, James Salisbury invent Salisbury steak & Coffee Controls Troops Salisbury Died Dobbs Ferry NY Hingham Born Benjamin Lincoln oversaw largest surrender war 1780 George Washington adopted step-grandson Robert E Lee his 3rd Cousin Silver Spring Maryland Lived Admiral Phillips Lee wife Brother Montgomery Blair Kitchen Cabinet elected elected twice Abraham Lincoln stipulated Blair retirement follow withdrawal John Fremont from presidential nomination Blair died Silver Spring MD Author: N.M Fuidge Historyof Parliament London Hospital Lawyer granddaughter House of Burgesses Mary Ball England tobacco Farmer Caleb Butler & Mary Foxhall daughter Jane Butler married Iron Blast Furnace Iron owner Augustine Washington 2nd wife, Mary Ball Washington aunts Mary Johnson Ball & Hanna Ball Fox in St Mary’s Whitechapel Cemetery only 6 Notable Cemetery graves (2 George Washington mother (3 Died Drug Overdose ACTRESS The Moon's Our Home (4 Chairman Lancaster Board Supervisors George Steuart Chief Medical Director Gun Dry Sanitarium & Rosewood State Hospital (5 Post Office Church & Cemetery donated by George Steuart son America 1st overseas consulate in Liverpool England 1st consul James Maury classmate George Washington (6 Royal Mint Pipe rolls Treasury Wine rolls King John Clerk of the Pipe Sir John Cooke Born Whitechapel, London & Cemetery St Mary Whitechapel George Washington great-great grandfather Buried All Saints Mael Maeldun 958 AD Maldon Royal Mint Move London A10 Curtin Road Works Shell British Gas BG Group Gas Light & Coke Company installed 290 miles London Pipes 1904 4th Chemistry Nobel Sir William Ramsay collaborator John William Strut Maldon Mint & Colchester only 2 Towns in Essex Borders Kent Cent or Cent lond 600 BC Pilgrims-Way Maidstone Hollingbourn or Hoilin GEborde Kent William *Colgate Toothpaste Immigrated Hartford Bel Air MD John Wilkes Booth played Julius Cesar Colgate Soap entirely Palm Oil & Olive oil Watsons Antoon Jurgens United Margarine became Unilever Manhattan British Evacuate Boston to Westchester General Howe camped New *Rochelle 1776 Battle of White Plains Attacked Manhattan George Washington camped at *Elijah Miller House & Battled Hart's Corners Hartsdale NY America 1st Pet Cemetery Walmart removed Coke Cola ads depicted doomed World Trade Center quarter Mile Bellow Ground WTC Vaults Gold, Godiva chocolates bricks Cocaine George Washington Delivery Boys Manhattan Dairy Farm became Battle White Plains defeated George Washington 30 mi Abigail Adams School United Nations School, Mcdonalds 1.7 mi 15 Wareham Place on birth certificate Donald Trump lemonade Stand avoided paying taxes ,000 Investigator by Robert Swan Mueller III 6th Director FBI 2001 to 2013 ran 9/11 Investigation Peter Boylston & Anne White daughter Susanna Boylston Adams Hall married 2nd United States President John Adams tay Words Low 12 Governor Wyoming wife Nellie Tayloe Ros 28th Director United States Mint Sheldon Horse Light Dragoon Guards of George Washington Mother Born Whitechapel Lancaster Virginia 1st Iron Works owner John *Tayloe in Whiskey Rebellion appointed by John Adams relative Abraham Lincoln appointed London Ambassador Charles Adams Son and John Dulles in Rock Creek Cemetery Spring Road & Emerson Street Abraham Lincoln Home became Armed Forces Retirement Home in Petworth John Taylo 205 acre Farm Abraham Lincoln Secretary War Donald Cameron & Lincolns Treasurer 24th Governor New York, Post Master John Adams Dix relative Marion Dix Composer Little House Prairie TV Dulles Town Center Developer Tysons Corner land Owner Abel Lawrence Foster, Born Littleton Common, Foster Estate became Arlington National Cemetery on General Robert E Lee Arlington estate Confiscated fore Back Tax Lawsuit returned to Lee sold Arlington back two Government fore 150,000 at Ceremony Secretary War Robert Todd Lincoln Born Springfield dad Abraham Lincoln Villagers Steeling firewood kicked out given 75,000 fore Arlington Cemetery Superintendent Classmate Patch Adams Congress legislate Quartermaster General purchase national cemeteries land China Medical Missionaries founder BBN Raytheon acoustical analysis Death John F Kennedy BBN Smart Grid Nuclear Power 45,084 restaurant Owner Yum Stadium BBN Big Blue Nation Basketball 200 mil Listeners BBN Bible Broadcasting Network Nobel Prize Jew Herbert Brown BBN Organoboron chemistry High Sheriff of Northumberland (#2 slayer of Malcolm III King Scotland 1093 (#5 Sheriff Adam (3 William the Conqueror granted deed to 1706 Sherif Hoggell son Humphrey de Hoggell Constable Norham Castle Built by Ranulf Flambard 1st Prisoner to Escape Tower London Hoggell family Ann Ogle married John Tayloe III Big Bang BBN ballistic missiles guidance systems Jewish immigrant son John Hopkins Laboratory director Ralph Asher Roosevelt Hi School Petworth Washington D.Galapagos Islands, The Charles Darwin Foundation, Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos National Park, Marine Conservation, Marine Research,invertebrates,sharks,giant tortoises,lonesome george,marine iguanas, Charles Darwin, Science in Galapagos Postcode . Repeatedly only think Atom God Loves pooping seamen in Nuclear Triggers God loves the Computer and Atoms moving Heroin and Cocaine to Nuclear Triggers and Airlines feeding passengers the Heart Attack Drug Atom God loves you moving Banks Heroin Dealers in Court Tunnels and Hospitals Baby Swapping and Kidnaping in All Countries Elevators and School Tunnels to Mcdonalds Hamburger Humane Morgue Hearts in Computers and Airplanes meals first served aboard 400 Handley O Page Biplane Bombers modified fore passengers.W Pepper & Son World largest sheet music retailer 750,000 titles Paoli Philadelphia Joe Butler World Colored Middleweight Championship #1 Black Pearl Harris Martin BEAT Black Frank Taylor in Minneapolis (2 Pepper Adams with Donald Byrd Jazz trumpeter (3 Coca Cola founded year after Dr. Louis World's Fair Doctor Taylor Pepper born Big Spring Virginia (4 Philadelphia 1st Free Library William Pepper Knight Commander King Sweden Oscar II (5 Bruce Springsteens & Meat Loaf ENGINEER & Tom Pepper sold 3 bil Beats Headphone (6 Congressmen Claude Pepper Chairman Social Security anti Lynching bill 1937 Lend-Lease gave Russia 14,833 US aircraft Free Nuclear Weapons pay After War (7 Jim Pepper Native America benefit concert JFK Library (8 William Pepper Lawyer Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy portrayed by Barry Pepper Green Mile FILM Bruce Willis classmate John Coffey (A dug Ditches Peoples Energy & Will Smith Body Guard (B PETA Planet Apes (C Armageddon Nuclear Missiles asteroids (9 Donald Heck Marvel Comics Greece God Pepper Potts & Iron Man (10 Pepper NFL Coach Reggie White (11 World Series Baseball Pepper Martin Greenville Hunters (12 Republican National Committee Chairmen Pepper Hamilton 500 Lawyers (13 King Portugal granted trade monopoly Africa Guinea pepper Christoper Columbus & Diego named Jamaica Allspice (14 Geneva Greece start Motorway 27 ends origin Pepper Florina (A Singer Disney Frozen Film (B Nadia Tass 23 Nominations Australian Film Institute (C TV Greeks on the Roof (D MP NAZI collaborator (15 BBC Harry Pepper brother Dick Leaver Pepper BANJO White Coons (16 Spanish conquest Aztecs Jalapeño & Chile Pepper Founder translated Bible into Nahuatl & Mole sauce (17 Bridgeport CT (A 40 Moves (B Bobby Dogs (c Old Dogs (D 1st Subway Restaurant Birthplace Frisbee PT Barnum Circus (E Quincey MA Cora Upham married namer Scoville scale spiciness/heat of Datil pepper majority grown by USA Oldest occupied Settlement St Augustine 1565 USA & Cuba Governor from Asturias Spain 19 BC Romans & Died Santander Spain Headquarters Biggest Nuclear Investor Banks Drug Murder Everyone Isabella II of Spain founded Santander CEO Roman Blanco World Traded Center 9/11 damage Santander ATM in Most all South America Grocery Stores I Visit My ATM Card often Only work in Santander Bank managers call Hamburger Police on me & Don’t Exchange money so Wait in Bank line 2 Hours (18 Norfolk John Goodwin Church War Preacher son Cayenne pepper Nicholas Culpeper own London Pharmacy’s (19 1st Bell pepper Romans Attila Huns seat in Szeged (20 Dieppe France West African pepper Piper borbonense Madagascar (20 Roman Pliny Indian long pepper pipl Java pepper 287 BC Greece (21 Peper Girl Orphan Anne (23 TV Littlest Pet Shop Pepper Clark (24 VOICE Disney Pepper Ann Angel heart Firecracker (25 TV Pepper Horse Chile Horse (26 Sue Green & Pepper Girl Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling GLOW Owner (#1 Jewish immigrant acquisitions 7 Grocery Store Chains Culligan Water (#2 GLOW Santa Monica Born Actress Married with Children TV Babe Farmer's Daughter episode The Hot Dog Man (27 James Bond Sheriff J.W Pepper (28 Sinclair Oil Baseball Salty Peppers (29 Google Crome Pepper Peper password Hash Free Kids Software Pepper&Carrot (30 Pepper Funeral March Them Song Alfred Hitchcock (30 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ARTIST Peter Blake (A Gravesend Hotel Catering College (B DESIGN Pizza Express & Wagamama 100th restaurant a converted Hammersmith Fire Station (31 cookin little BAND Maurice White Salty Peppers precursor Earth, Wind & Fire (32 Shelton Brooks Jelly Roll Blues Red Hot Peppers (33 People Drug You Favorite Bands Dead Kennedys drummer Feederz join Red Hot Chili Peppers & Guns N‘ Roses both From Fairfax Hi School (c Became Greenway Court Theater (D MASH TV Jewish Immigrant Poland Towns a Trinity Church (E Tito Jackson 5 (F Little Rascals Girl in Campbell Soup Commercial (34 5 Little Peppers Author Founder Daughters of the American Revolution DAR 185,000 members (35 1st Airline Regulation MOVIE Great Waldo Pepper (36 Immaculate Heart College Angie Dickinson Brow portrays Sargent Pepper Police Woman TV (37 Sue Cook Crimewatch UK = Pepper a bartender Mamma Mia!billion assets Thermo Fisher Scientific 150 Companies Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory radiation poppy detector, CRS human scale Robots & Semiconductors Thermo Fisher Vacuum Electronics Manhattan Project Phadia is 71 Billion Pfizer heart valves & Heart medication Statin Halothane Anesthesia Propranolol Blood Pressure & Brest Cancer Drugs British largest Imperial chemical company Canadian Cordite Explosive factory sold to Akzo Nobel made Canons 350 years is Guided Missile Bofors owner Alfred Nobel ROF Filling Factory Poisson Gas Chloropicrin & World 1st Dust Mask Respirator founders John Stenhouse teacher Justus von Liebig Ministry of Supplies 6 additional Cordite Factories Nobel Enterprises Chemring Bomb Disposal Chaff Decoys CEO Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover Ford owner Rothschild Princess Diana Funeral Hearse Daimler Birmingham Gun Factory ROF Greenwich 1511 Jousting Armor became Greenwich Hospital 2 mill in revenue 16 Cordon Bleu Cooking Schools Closed 2017 with no Buyer Cordon Bleu GRADUATE Mary Berry Bestselling Baking Bible dessert Bombe glacée 8 mill died French Wars of Religion 1578 Order Knights of the Holy Spirit founders Le Cordon Bleu Chicken 35 Ship winers Blue Riband RACE ship left Cork Ireland record voyage 11.79 knot to New York 1st French Nuclear Missile Test name Gerboise Bleue at USAF Counterproliferation Center Maria Caroline Möser son Justus von Liebig Father of Organic Chemistry invented the Searing Bouillon cube Cream with Georges Auguste Escoffie Searing Steak in 1898 Hôtel Ritz Imperial Suite last meal Princess Diana Russian Navy Ship Diana in Nagasaki 4/8/1903 rendezvoused Askold 1899 Russian cruiser Varyag Built in Philadelphia USA by William Cramp & Sons is Japan William Adams VOC Miura Anjin Built Imperial Japanese warship San Buena Ventura Justus von Liebig named Mount Liebig Mac Donnell Range, Alice Springs Airport Landed Australia 1st hijacking Federal Airports Corporation FAC 9/11 Hijacking comment withdrawn by Peter John Knott dad 1 of 50,000 Members Australian Electrical Union Eureka Flag Crux Electrical Union in Green Square Rosebery Australia 5th Earl of Rosebery daughter Husband Dad Israel sole possessor of Middle East Nuclear Weapons Amschel Rothschild wife owner Guinness Beer Dewar's Worlds Most awarded Scotch Whisky Founder London Sheriff 1st Baron Dewar Born in Scotland Whisky Town Perth: word for wood or copse Pictish language spoken by Picts St Johnstone Football Club beside River Tay Hadrian's Wall Liebig Law of minimum Crop Growth Ritz Carlton Hotel César Ritz (1 born Niederwald Switzerland Coat of arms Chief Azure (2 Jesuit College Sion Military Airport 7 BC Julius Caesar Hello Magazine Azure Swimsuit Princess Diana discus landmines with Carol Bellamy Director United Nations Children Fund & 1st Woman President NY City Council Princess Dina last wine Glass purchased by Dodi Fayed father Mohamed Al-Fayed owner Worlds Largest Lonrho 800 Subsidiary Companies in 80 countries Marikana Platinum Mine strike Killed 47 Lonrho Rio Tinto 1/2 owner British Insurance 3rd Largest Platinum producer Lonrho director Princess Alexandra Russia World Largest Palladium Producer London Rhodesian Mining became Lonrho 30% Harrods Grocery & Aviation Kenya largest car dealer Lonrho Suspended from Nairobi Stock Exchange Al-Fayed Lonrho & Donald Mc Carthy 60 Fraser Department Stores Dodi Fayed born Alexandria Egypt Founded April 331 BC linking Greece Shipping Ports two Alexandria traveled Jew Apollos Acts Norfolk Boarding School Princess Diana graduated Kent Hi School owner Mohamed Al-Fayed Fulham Football Club Hammersmith Shepherd Bush Palladium Theater 1944 narrowly escape Flying Bomb then became AMC Theater Palladium Pubs AMC Princess Movie marathons Evergreen Hemlock tree Tanning Leather & wood pulp Born Upper Sackville Halifax & Died Lower Sackville Charles Fenerty sole Inventor of Wood Pulp wrote 35 poems about Black Birch trees “The Prince's Lodge” Prince Edward Duke of Kent Greece White Waltham Air Force Base Pilot Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in Windsor Castle White Drawing Room Lord Beaverbrook at Ritz Paris with Winston Churchill 15 year deputy Anthony Eden became Prime Minister Buried in the Railway Cutting Cemetery War Grave Julius Cesar 55 BC tried landing in Port Dubris White Cliffs, Princes Diana set fire million dollars Drugs with Customs officers Dover Kent Dungeness Nuclear Reactor Princess Diana, Coroner inquests Judge Thomas Scott Gilles Pie Baker attended Imperial College Northampton UK Cemetery Princess Diana Northampton MA Nuclear Resolution coke nuclear fuels Do DI O-5210.63, Do D Weapons Mass Destruction 24 TV Abu Fayed 5 Nuclear Bombs Abu Dhabi Princess Diana 1000 Outfits Catherine Walker President Obama Responded to Kings Mill Born Joshua Alcorn Committed Suicide walking on Interstate 71 Boarder Lebanon OH, Paul Revere died Battle Bunker Hill Warren County Kings mill supplied Ireland Russia Britton WW1 Ammunition Peters Cartridges Kings Mill owner Remington sold Gun Powder Mill to Columbia Records markets Princess Diana Memorial Fund also at Sony Records 550 Madison Ave 5th & 55th by Trump Towers Hot Flush Recordings is Hemlock Recordings volcanic soil Penja White Pepper.

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A Thorne 1st African from any British colony to earn both a bachelor's & master's degree from any British Universities, A.Mary Ann husband 1st Patent Gun turret son vapor galvanizing Corrugated galvanized iron Founder 1st elevated railway 2nd Monorail Rosatom Russian Railway magnetic levitation 1st Monorail Moscow Oblast Carboniferous Limestone Wales Bristol ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Bill Gates Steve Jobs giving ice water to somebody in hell Massey Ferguson Tractors All-is-Chalm-ers Corn Grain ball mills & pumps for Uranium separation Unless Heavy Rains Wadi dry Vally Jordan Wadi Rum Job melting ICE WADI Railroad to Bangalore & Mumbai maalai Neck Lace Island Addu City British Navy Airfield Maldive: Al-Sultan Wadi Bela Pakistan tomb of bin Qasim killed by nephew Med people Las Bela 700 AD al-Walid build Mecca Wells Bill Clinton try kill al-Walid 9/11 al-Walid House Arrest 2003.2012 al-Walid 2003 Casablanca bombing kill 20 Riyadh bombings 17 2001 Osama bin Laden videotaped reciting al-Walid's poem Ehud Gat Manager Edmond de Rothschild Cardinal Michael Browne Fargo ND Bishop student 1st President of Israel Chaim Weizmann died in Rehovot is Re Hoboth = Noah sons Moab Rothschild Wine Vineyards Bavarian king Maurice de Hirsch found Copper 9/11/1891 Jewish Colonization Association JCA or ICA Tel Aviv 12 Miles Rehovot Israel Belkind founded agriculture Aliyah 28 Colonies Bilu Bilu'im Rothschild British Minister of Food 1st Baron Lord Beveridge died Bangladish 1st Israeli Presidents Wife Medical Doctor Vera Weizmann lived Manchester Born Rostov named after Archbishop Volga trade route Viking Vera founded WIZO & Adom abbr MDA Red Star David = Red Cross Britain Hi Commissioner Lord Plumer & King Hussein founded Rockefeller Museum Bela Lugosi is Dracula 1931 Engedi Dead Sea ends Moab 5 Cites Pentapolis Tsoa Béla Adama or Admah Zeboim Canaanite city by Dead Sea destroyed Sodom & Gomorras USA World Largest Cheery Exporter Michigan Washington DC National Cherry Blossom Festival Blossom spring falls blossom go up vineyards blossom Solomon Temple tsiyts flower blossom grass Tsits a pass between Dead Sea & Jer 100% Victims Boim?A GREENWOOD Ladies Home Journal Food Editor Poppy Cannon sister Anne Fogarty 1940 Cocktail Dress Christian Dior founder wealthy fertilizer manufacture Catherine Dior testified in Court against 14 Nazi A little black dress LBD 1883 Coco Chanel NAZI take peace overture to Winston Churchill Sarah Hooker & Nic Waddell coordinators Little Black Dress Gala in Vancouver Little Black Dress Campaign United Way Presidential National Guard LBD Airport 49 1st flights events Mojave CA Airport LBD Gargoyle Missile Largest London Beth Din LBD Synagogue Europe Largest Kosher Certification KLBD 1300 factories worldwide Helical sandwich LBD nuclear receptors Edward Kendall Nobel Prize Physiology Medicine Mayo Clinic Merck & Co donate drugs UNICEF Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys Black Givenchy Dress 60 subsidiaries LVMH .9 Bill Louis Vuitton appointed leather trunk-maker Napoleon wife Learning disability l BD Springfield TN died Blue Grass Boys Bristol Virginia Stanley Brothers SONG Live In Green Pastures Green Pastures Victorian Restaurant FILM Heartbreak Hotel girls birthday kidnaps Elvis Green Pastures Home ARCTECT married granddaughter, Founder Sarah Lawrence College (1 15 mil Manhattan (2 Director Human Rights China HRIC (3 Director NY City Department Planning Bristol UK Genesis Nuclear = Eden Nuclear on Greenbank Rd Penrith River Eden Virgin Railway Group UK Bus UK Rail Arriva Nuclear Deutsche Bahn AG Wold largest Railway 2 billion passengers yearly is Hitlers Railway Reich “Realm” Roman Empire: Kaisertum; Emperordom Perser Reich rīhhi rīkijan ryk German King Reiks Heiliges Römisches Reich *HRR French Reaume regalis Zarenreich Tsar Realm Österreich Every meal my Grandma Lords Prayer Die Hemelse Ryk: Norwegian Tillkomme ditt rike, Komme ditt rike, Komme dit rige Thy will be done theléma: will ratson raw-tsone goodwill will sing psalló divine will give back as anta Podi DóMi theló: to will Vatican Treaty NAZI Reich Minister Rudolf Buttmann HISTORIAN Donald Cameron Watt Wolfson History Prizes History Hitler in Møller Center Churchill College Cambridge A.P Moller–Maersk Group since 1996 World Largest Shipping founded Svendborg Villa Anna granted Market Town by King Christopher I crowned Christmas Day Jew Seymore Butts (born Adam Glasser Butts Adult Video News 1st Porn Star Winner Ginger Lynn married 1/2 Jew 1/2 Indian Jerry Butler grandfather 1/2 Brother Minister Russia Defense Leon Trotsky assassinated by ice ax Ramón Mercader 20 years Mexican prison Released Awarded Order of Lenin & Hero Soviet Union John Whitesell & Adam Small produce Malibu's Most Wanted I Dream of Jeannie is Parents Just Don't Understand Video 1st Grammy Award The Fresh Prince Will Smith & NASA 1st Ever Instagram Live From Space Jewish Meat packer Daughter Officer & Gentleman Debra Winger married James Bridges Screenplay Dennis Felt Ham Colossus NOVEL Super Computer takes over Earth Nuclear Missiles Will Smith & Ron Howard Incredible Hulk Will Smith Baltimore MD inner-city clinic Head Nurse Daughter Jada Pinkett Smith classmate Drug Dealer Tupac Shakur Killed on Flamingo RD UNLV Las Vegas 1st Settler Charles Pops Squires paid .75 an acre land Route 91 Shooting Bugsy Siegel Pepper's ghost TV illusion Tupac Michel Jackson Latoya Pamela Greene & Pinkett BAND Salt-N-Pepa 35% Worlds Pepper Vietnam Piperine founder Pharmacy Owner Son Hans Christian Ørsted discovered electricity magnetism & 1st Aluminum Humphry Davy isolated potassium sodium strontium barium magnesium boron Atomweight MMA Women mixed martial arts 2 April 742 Easter Born Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne founded 59 Countries Metre carat ct Diamonds Isotopes Krypton-85 B61-12 NATO gives Countries free 1st Nuclear Weapons Program in Turkey Greece Mark 12 1st Nuclear Weapon using Beryllium Be 4 FOUNDERS (1 AD 23 Naval Commander Pliny (2 Honorary Canon Notre Dame Priest René Haüy founder arrangement atoms in crystalline solids metric system Founders Grandpa Edinburgh Judge Admiral of Scotland overseeing naval trials Son Hi sheriff John Cay world’s 1st photographic clubs Robert Adamson (3 founder Sugar beet & glucose from raisins in Berlin (4 1st chemist use A B C (5 Hasseröder Beer 1,920,000 Bottles year in Wernigerode Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovered uranium zirconium cerium titanium tellurium NCT Delhi & Mumbai BOM Airport builder GVK Nuclear Reactors GVK cardiovascular Drugs GVK World’s largest Emergency Services pre-hospital care Ambulance GVK Australia Uranium Chatham Military School of Engineer John Barry DESIGN Joint Dock Kingston upon Hull & Port BOM or INBOM 460 Foot Celsius Manhattan Chemical Tanker Built at Hachinohe Air Force Base originally the 7th Cavalry George Armstrong Custer Fort Riley ground zero Solders spread all over the world Spanish flu killed 100 mil People 5% world Population 700 years Honshu Island ruled by Nanbu clan Minamoto clan Samurai 1st Dutch in Japan VOC Sailer William Adams advised Tokugawa Ieyasu founder Shōgun Clan Shogunate government ruled by Shōgun Build 1st Western-style ships in Japan William Adams Gillingham, Kent Roman Watling Street owner 1/2 Brother William the Conqueror Chatham Dockyard Build 500 Navy Ships 1st Jewish–Roman War 66 AD Julius Celsus Aulus Marius Celsus Commandeer Battle of Locus Po river Cremona road connecting Aquileia to Genoa Aulus Cornelius Celsus 40 AD De Medicina Book agriculture Roman military science celery Apium 1323 BC Tomb Tutankhamun Horse ate Hemlock celery Outside Walls Troy All Libraries Rob Peoples Po Portable Object Computer Octet PO Toxic Cyanide Polyester PET PATENT Wallace Carothers WW2 Military Aircraft Coatings Po Refrigerator insulation Du Pont Experimental Explosives Factory became disabled children Hospital Brandywine creek mouth Du Pont gunpowder Mill Christina River White Clay Creek Lime Kiln General Motors Factory African Town Hershey Run Delaware Battle of Brandywine British force George Washington retreat to Philadelphia Gunpowder in Brandy 1728 Cyclopædia Dictionary John Senex pocket-size map of the world in Trinity College Dublin in 1166 Priory of All Hallows founder slaughtering all livestock Starving People off land Daughter married Domnall Mór King of Munster & descendants 1939 Commander 11th Hussars & military Governors Prague Trinity College Dublin Founder (1 Pope Clement V burned at the stake exterminated Knights Templar (2 John de Leche Canon of Dunkeld DESIGN River Tay Bridge collapse 70 Die Eden Valley Railway Warcop railway station Army camp TNT Airline TAY is ASL Airlines DHL Amittay ’ă·mit·tay Father of Jonah ahee-sthay-tay'-ree-on κακοῦ evil: but Tay Iran Tày language Tai Yang Zhuang Red Di Qi Organic Gunpowder Brite green side leaf Grown Anhui Province Yellow River Dam Broke Killing 900,000 preventing Japanese solders taking Zhengzhou Birthplace Yellow Emperor Gunpowder Tea Importer across PGE San Quentin Prison 1500 BC Egyptian Candy makers Food Coloring Iran 90% Worlds Saffron originates Greece a very 1st food laws 1555 Diet of Augsburg Council of Tridentinum; Trent: transferred to Bologna Augsburg founder 15 BC Tiberius Julius Caesar defeated Cleopatra Battle of Actium is Greece only Undersea tunnel 500 BC Greco-Persian War Religious & Military Books Red dye Mercury sulfide vermillion routinely color cheese Volcanos & Hot Springs Scheele's Green Copper arsenite Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered Oxygen symbol O glows contacting Phosphorus P Greek mythology light-bearer Shahar שָׁ֫חַר meaning dawn Lucifer King of Babylon Worlds 1st Sheriff all Devil Worshippers Rothschild red shield Devil Red Lead in Meat, Fish sauces Armenian bole tooth paste book Binding Waterproofing Windmill Sails Hammurabi grandfather Apil-Sin 1st King Babylonian dynasty 1830 BC 25 Military Red Devils Diablos Rojos Red Devils anti-drug task force Bolivian & Peru Red Devil Air-force 555th Bomb Squadron B&G Foods Red Devil Hot Sauce 62 billion Carlsberg Beer Brewery original logo Nazi Swastika & Red Devil Energy Drink Heroin Overdose Lester Butler Red Devils blues band Holy Trinity Brompton Church of Sea Captains (1 James Cook (2 William Perkins Patent 1st Synthetic Dye 1st Factory Greenford London patent flour Wheat Germ *Harvey Washington Wiley Lawsuit Remove Caffeine fusel liqueur oils = United States v Forty Barrels and Twenty Kegs of Coca-Cola Judge Evans Washington Naval Treaty Continental Hall Vermont Mable Statues nearly all President & Last Supper Schoolmaster Sufficient Salary Became Chemist electrolysis brine asbestos & Discovered Dichromate salts Crome Yellow School Buss Paint rare Crocoite mineral Atacama Desert Gunpowder yellow rock Chile 2nd Largest Cherie Exporter 84% go to China Pepper Spray Gun by Salt Supply Genoa Salt Trade destroyed by Cristopher Columbus Gabelle France very Unpopular Salt Tax Discoveries vaccination microbial fermentation pasteurization 1st vaccines rabies anthrax Louis Pasteur Students son Friedel Salt Non-hydraulic cement Sorel 1st Patent Hot Dip Galvanization Luigi Galvani Animal Electricity in Bologna.

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