Most intimidating college football uniforms

Football has been a part of college experiences for almost 150 years.

And while it has little bearing on the educational value of a school, it has tremendous influence in the life of college students and their ongoing allegiance to their alma maters.

From now until January, our Saturdays will be filled with nothing but day drinking, stuffing our faces with delicious tailgate eats, trash-talking rivals, cursing referees (Because they’re hardly ever right!

), and of course binging on college football from noon until the final whistle. In the meantime, lets talk about what really sets our favorite teams apart – the uniforms.

Texas is well-known for keeping it simple in these white uniforms with burnt orange numbers, lettering, and the iconic Longhorn logo that has stood the test of time since its debut in 1961. Oregon Ducks There is no one in this world more recognized for their uniforms than the Oregon Ducks.

They’re loud, bright, and sometimes downright crazy, but it works because it’s Oregon.

Ducks’ alum and Nike founder Phil Knight just might be the reason why these Ducks are spoiled with a new uniform combination each week.

To calculate this portion of a school’s score, we considered the number of Heisman winners in a school’s history, the total number of NFL players, the current number of NFL players, the total number of Pro Bowl players, and the total number of Hall of Famers from each school.

On the field success and the success of alumni can be measured pretty objectively by counting players, looking at poll history, and such.

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