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27) during a segment on Martha Mac Callum's show where the host brought up Taylor Swift's pointed message to the White House at the previous night's 2019 MTV VMAs.

“I would love to survey the audience if they know what that even is, what the Equality Act is and isn't,” Conway said after watching a clip of Swift accepting the video of the year award and noting that the "You Need to Calm Down" video had a call to action at the end that the Trump team has seemingly ignored.

“I think when Hollywood and singers and all go political, it sounds in the moment like it’s very popular, and you’ve seen so many times where it backfires and it blows up,” she said.

“But she’s also somebody who went up against President Trump head to head in the United States Senate race in Tennessee and lost handily.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s attempt to diss Taylor Swift following her politically charged acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs 2019 inadvertently saw her mocking President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Tuesday night, Conway defended the administration’s position against the Equality Act, which Swift vocally supports, by belting out into “You Need to Calm Down,” a song that lyrically and visually supports LGBTQ rights.

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The Equality Act seeks to extend existing 1968 Civil Rights Act protections for race and sex to also protect people on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

She took it as far as starting an official White House petition demanding an answer as to why.

The Equality Act got through the House but failed in the Senate.

The bill passed through the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives in May by a vote of 236-173, but the Senate’s Republican leadership have refused to put the bill to a vote.

In the interview, Conway also referenced Swift’s endorsement of pro-LGBT Democratic candidates.

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