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Earlier that year, on April 30, 1966, Anton La Vey ritualistically shaved his head and formally declared the founding of the Church of Satan and that day as Year One, Anno Satanas - the year of Satan.Given all of the killing that year, he may have had a point.In Washington the atmosphere was tense today as a special subcommittee of the House committee on un-American activities continued its probe into anti-Vietnam war protests.Demonstrators were forcibly evicted from the hearings when they began chanting anti-war slogans. In a speech before the convention of the veterans of foreign wars in New York, Nixon also said opposition to the war in this country is the greatest single weapon working against the U. We know the news broadcast was made August 3rd, 1966 because that is the day Lenny Bruce died.

What the Black Panthers actually stood for was positive action to make life in the black community in the U. better, through programs such as the Free Breakfast for Children Program, which started in January, 1969 at St.And many of the young students who were reported missing from local campuses were never found, either dead or alive, and were therefore never listed as homicide victims.It is interesting to note that Ronald Reagan held the office of Governor of California between the years of 19.Former Vice President Richard Nixon says that unless there is a substantial increase in the present war effort in Vietnam, the U. Just two days earlier, Charles Whitman had climbed to the observation deck of the administration building on the University of Texas Austin campus and began a 96 minute reign of terror with a sniper rifle.Two months later, on October 30, 1966, Cheri Jo Bates would be found dead, her neck sliced so deeply that she was nearly decapitated, on the campus of Riverside City College.

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