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That’s when good fortune struck: The owner of the one-bedroom next door opted to sell.

“We couldn’t stop thinking about the apartment, believing we were meant to live there,” Brent says.

“Design isn’t just what we do for a living, it’s what we do on our weekends,” says Berkus. We get to have all the fun and the homeowner gets rescued from a money pit that is consuming them.

Fifth Avenue—that gilded corridor lined with gracious limestone edifices overlooking Central Park.

Jeremiah has also diversified in his designing career, and he covers hospitality, residential, and commercial designs.

Jeremiah Brent is a well-established TV personality who has appeared in many TV programs. He took a short break in 2011, whereby he got an opportunity to start his designing firm.

“And then, suddenly, we were able to create the home of our dreams.”Anyone who has survived a renovation with a significant other knows the stress of navigating the countless decisions.

Furthermore, Jeremiah has also been featured in many publications covers such as the Domino and People Magazines, Harpers’ Bazaar, and Architectural Digest, among others. He is a self-taught designer, unlike those who pursue it as a course at the university. After school, he joined TV production, and currently, he is a TV personality.Moreover, he owns Jeremiah Brent Design, which is a design firm that he founded in 2011.The firm has outlets in both New York and Los Angeles.

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