Nathan mathers dating alaina

Lucky for us, Hailie is willing to share certain aspects of her life on social media, and these include pictures of her boyfriend.

Though Hailie doesn't post often, the pair make an adorable couple and they appear to be very happy together back in March.

Christianity His songs, which often includes dark and controversial rap lyrics.

Hailie attended a public school (even though her dad could have opted to send her to an exclusive private school) and this is fantastic because Eminem himself came from humble roots, and apparently wanted the same for his daughters. Joseph, Missouri, and grew up rough living between Missouri and and Detroit, Michigan.

According to , Hailie attended Chippewa High School, in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Dawn Scott is believed to have had a history of drug abuse and died in 2016 of "an apparent heroin overdose," , it's Hailie, who also has an artistic side and is interested in visual arts.

The publication reports that she was in Art Club when she was in school; so apart from being very talented in academics, she is clearly also gifted in the arts.

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