Natural friends dating

But before I do, I need to point out something fairly obvious; dating apps are terrible at attracting exactly what you’re after. Because they attract both those who want a relationship, and those who want to have fun. And there’s nothing you can do about it, except blame the people you’re dating for being dishonest.

With Tinder and Grinder being the first two household names to enter the market, the app scene hasn’t stopped there.

The app will let your single and non-single friends swipe on your behalf and talk about potential dates in a group message with you.

“As friends, we’ve not only worked on this business together but have gone through the stages of our life together, including dating,” said Jordana Abraham, co-founder and CCO.

When you start swiping, they know who you swipe for and how you message them.

This is all before they’ve even started analysing the data. Before we delve into what can be done, I need to briefly explain the tools these organisations have at their fingertips: Typically, these tools are used for marketing purposes by dating app companies.

If you didn’t meet the love of your life at the age of 16, you’ve probably experienced it.

Meeting people in high volume is your best strategy, whilst simultaneously ensuring you pay active attention to people’s behaviour so you can understand their motive.

They can learn more about you than you’d like them to, and use this to bring you back to the apps.

However, they more commonly use this to find new users to advertise to via social media.

Dating apps link your email address with other data. Here are one, two and three services that allow companies to link your email address to your Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mobile phone number and more for fractions on the cent. However, what if they used the data to understand someone’s real intentions?

By combining app usage with social data, dating apps like Tinder are very capable of finding people you’d be extremely well suited to. Active users on dating apps lead to increased profitability. Higher user volume allows dating apps to charge more to their advertisers and equates to more paying users (via subscription services such as Tinder Gold).

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