Naughty or nice dating

I thought that maybe we could turn the tables a bit and mess with her mind. I don't know why, but I've got an itch to show her how you satisfy my private weakness." I think a spurt of pre-cum bubble out of my cock. "Lauren, I think you've got my number as far as our relationship. It took Bryan's little speech on the subject to start opening that up.

Would you think it's too crazy if we asked her to watch us fool around? If it means I get my hands on your hot little body, I'll do about anything." Lauren smiled. So don't worry about it." Lauren and I planned a good meal for Amanda, and we started preparing Saturday early afternoon. " "I wanted to set some expectations for the evening." "I'm all ears." Lauren looked deep into my eyes and spoke clearly. Don't hold back." I cupped her ass and gave her a deep kiss. I had my eye on him, but I decided to move things along when he said he wanted women a little--or a lot--naughty, and he would respect their privacy because he didn't want them to suppress their desires out of fear.

I love to masturbate, and I've thought about you two a few times when I've been getting myself off.

My pussy will be rubbed raw in the morning from reliving this all night. I will be in a good place." "Why you naughty little thing! "That's going to make me even hotter than I already am.

My submissive little girlfriend had been directing a lot of our relationship.

I was lead actor in the scenes, but she was writing the script. I chuckled to myself as I realized what I had gotten myself into.

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But I could feel us both heating up, so I made a move, bringing a hand up to cup Lauren's breast.

I had helped Laurent set up the bedroom for the evening, so I was prepared for the bed already turned down, the lighting to be good, the candles to be romantic, and Amanda's chair to be strategically placed for a good view.

There were also bottles of water on the nightstand as well as on a small table beside Amada's chair. "You're welcome, and please let us know if we should adjust our position to give you a better angle." Amanda laughed.

" "Lauren, you know that I've confessed that passion rubs off on me. "That is certainly no problem." Both ladies laughed with me.

Then Amanda added, "I'll confess a secret, since you've been confessing some of yours.

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