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Numerous success stories have also been reported, where people have found the ‘love of their life’ via Tinder (Scribner, 2014).

In this paper, we begin to address this gap by examining the experiences of a small group of young heterosexual women in NZ who use Tinder.

Using location-aware technology, Tinder links to an individual’s Facebook in order to create profiles consisting of a name, age, and photos, with an option of providing a short biographical blurb (Newall, 2015).

The requirement to hold a Facebook account, and sign in to Tinder using this account, offers a sense of assurance to users that people on Tinder are being authentic regarding their identity (Duguay, 2016).

We first situate the discourses underpinning contemporary understandings of female heterosexuality, which shape women’s dating and intimate experiences with men in contradictory ways.

We then explicate what Tinder is and how it works, followed by discussing research on technologically mediated intimacies (Farvid, 2015a) before presenting the project details and our analysis.

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