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Here are a few quick tips to help make the right impression and have them wanting more! Understand that in life, I can show times where “X” worked wonders and another time “X” crashed and burned.Don’t take anyone’s advice at face value and adapt the advice you hear to work best for you. You have to decide which ones to use at which time. Most of our waking time is during the daytime, so we should make the most of it!He will also speak about speed dating and what he believes is the mistake 90% of guys make at speed dating events that prevents them from getting a lot more matches.This is one time event so please book in advance as we will be limiting space to 14 spots, due to space limitations.You have pulled them out of their normal “dating interview” routine and hopefully gave them a laugh, or at least sparked some interesting follow-up questions.Remember, your goal at these events is to have fun, make sure the other person is having fun, and keep the positive energy flowing.

Instead, every logical question can be asked emotionally.

Everyone from the cutie waiting at Grove Street to the buff dude chilling at Word, to your fellow coffee drinker at Mod Cup are all potential mates.

However, the goal during the daytime is NOT to pick up someone or even to really flirt with them.

I was able to book a New York Dating Head coach Art Malov to do a speaking engagement just for us and for a fraction of what he normally charges for seminars.

Art Malov has been featured in number of programs and articles in the New York Times, Observer, Sirius Radio, Learning Annex and number of other media.

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