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, So I just hung up Received three calls in one week, ask all three times to be removed from their calling list- Was told the last time they don't have a list- I ask for a phone number to call, he said to look at my call ID I called the number back and received a recording saying the number is not in service I have received a couple of calls from this number- I have Mr- Number installed on my Droid and it noitifies me if it is a suspected spammer calling in- If it is I don't answer and then run the Mr- Number app to get the info on the caller- Then I have the option to block the call immediately when it comes in I received a phone call from a woman named "Karen"- She ONLY wanted to speak with the owner of the business & would NOT leave a message- She called from - Twice and - once, She was EXTREMELY rude & it was very obvious something wasn't right This number text me about a couch on craigslist- They wont give me their physical address, even after I said I would deliver it for free, very suspicious but common for criminals- They are running a scam- Its a shame that people feel they only way they can survive is to steal from others- Pathetic losers Beauty Mark LLC Orange Rd, Montclair, NJ Glen Ridge, West Orange, Bloomfield "One stop shop for all things beauty-" Beauty Mark LLC is a Beauty Supply Store that offers different beauty supplies, cosmetics and make up- Our beauty boutique also offers different services like massages, facials and waxing- Just call in for an appointment and see for yourself why Beauty Mark is more than a Beauty Shop- Beauty Supply Store, Beauty Supply Shop, Beauty Supplies, Beauty Shop, Beauty Boutique, Massage Spa, Waxing Supplies, Beauty Studio, Cosmetics Store, Cosmetics Shop, beautymarknj-comyeah it's wyndham, they scam you by confirming dates at their hotels you never made, then you say that you never made reservations and you want to cancel the reservations you never made, then they say ok but they never do, then they call back every week with the same scam over and over again, then they charge you credit card when you don't show for your reservations because they a "cancellation fee"- Wyndham is just a big scam the whole company istelemarketer trying to explain to small businesses the laws that have changed surrounding accepting credit cards, They did not leave a message so I called and after finding out what they do put them on my blocked list Person at above number called about times in days- Fifth call talk to roommate and asked for me by my first name which I don't go by- Called number back introduced myself and the guy asked me who are you and what do you do- I immediately hung up phone- I don't know this person I get at least one call a day from this number- There are a lot of services that might be able to provide the number owner's name and address, FOR A FEE (RATHER EXORBITANT FEE)If anyone has any idea who this number belongs to, please reply to this posting-Thank you very much This has got to be some sort of scam- This phone number called at : a-m- When you call the number back: there is no ringing- A robotic female voice simply says, "All circuits are busy- Please try your call again later- Announcement Switch ," The call is then disconnected- This is very strange- I am proclaiming it a scam simply because of the late hour these calls have come in Don't call it- It's the hackers trying to scam you- Your computer is already infected with THEIR virus- Either find a friend who knows how to get rid of computer viruses or take it in- Usually around to to have computer tech get rid of it and save your files if possible Got a text from this number just saying hi, but they knew my first name,when i asked who it was they said add me on y-a-h-o-o- msngr and their id is emmarlirter- i asked again who it was and was a little upset with my response when i told them not to f&*%ing text my phone again,then they said battery life was low This I what I found online-Searching for area code , prefix : Location: Augusta, Maine Type of service: cellular PCS or United States Cellular Corp Area code is the state of Maine's sole area code I got the call on Nov , - No message was left Constantly calling me for the past few days, they call numerous times in a short period, I've never answered, so they stop calling after about a half hr- but tomorrow I'm sure the same routine, never left a voicemail either,has anyone had any luck blocking this number or know what to do?

This number left a message and asked me to call back- I did not call, but have received about calls I did answer saying I had won large prizes, all calls with a foreign accent- I do not give any information to them Caller ID: STLWRT INVTService Type: Landline Provider: Lucre Location: Tekonsha, MICall came in from this number, caller hung up in spite of voice mail facility- A dialback into this number has some dimmy sounding broad moaning about telephone number removal- In my opinion, this number has been used to dial numbers to test for validity and this scumbag will then sell the telephone numbers to lying scamsters who will call to harass honest people with scams, frauds, and lies-The provider's website www-lucre-net shows what appears to be a website down for emergency maintenance- Strange, since a check of the google cache shows it has been like that since last month- Smells like a great big collabrative scam allegedly headquartered in some trailerpark in Michigan- This is why welfare should be abolished, idiots like this would starve and decent society would be free of them, is not a valid number- If you are sure that you got a phone call from a number beginning with this prefix, the caller may have 'spoofed' caller ID,dont be fooled by names on caller id #is fake you don't know who it is Have had over calls from this (and at least other numbers) claiming I owe them money for an online yellow page listing I've never signed up for- Rude, persistent- My number seems to pass on to whichever flunky they have working for them- Say it was a verbal agreement, won't send out a bill- But once I told them I couldn't pay them without an address so they faxed over a bill- Hotel room in Louisville KY-Have filed a police report so Verizon's illegal call center can track and report to PD whenever the calls come- The police call the number and tell them to cease and desist, but seems like nothing can stop it- Other numbers that have called related to this scam "company": , , , , Have been getting calls from the (Atlanta) area- Each time the number is different- All the caller I-D- shows is "Georgia Call"-I normally don't answer, but it's getting annoying, so now I pick up the phone and just lay it down for a few minutes- They never leave a message when I allow the answering machine voice mail to pick up anyway-If I do answer, they're going to get a blast from me They called and hung up when I answered- I think they were trolling for people who answer the phone- I got a call minuted earlier from an unknown number but I did not answer - I think the calls were related In the last hours I have received a call from three different numbers (this being one of them)- They tell me that I have registered for a Disney vacation (I have not) and will not listen when I ask to be taken off of whatever list they are calling me from- Getting really annoyed because they are calling my cell phone They have my name and address They've call me several times asking me about lowering interest rates on my credit cards- Well for one I don't have any and I didn't think telemarketers could get cell phone numbers at their own disposal but apparently I was wrong- But I definitely reported them This idiot claims he is an attorney and calls me constantly, demanding my social and payment over the phone- I have repeatedly informed him that if they will send me something in writing so I may investigate and do a background check on the firm and validate the debt, I would be happy to pay it- He wont calm down long enough to listen, This dude is going to die of a heart attack one day if he doesnt calm down Repeated calls - day and noght - actually from about : am to : pm- Very annoying- It does not leave a message on the answering machine and nothing if you answer normally-I would really like to stop this nuisanceno clue- i just got a call from this number on my landline, and he identified himself as Douglas Polanski- He was asking personal questions about a pregnancy in the family, and stated that someone in our family applied for a child grant- The person he was asking for has already alerted her employer about him- Also, he mentioned that he was someone who recently suffered an injury? t mean that he is- There is no such government agency- Take a moment to check the blue pages in your telephone directory to bear out your hunch ?

You just have to be careful that the final product isn't easily mispronounced. Who gets spelled out as "$h*thead."Sorry for any typos. im in a dire need of names, i just cant think of any good ones, so is there any way for people to suggest good names and how do you think them up. - Carter - Lawrence - Cole - Isaac - Marcus - Finn - Zach - Curtis - Nicoli - Ben -Drew - Decker - Ann - Bell - Zoey - Joey - Daisy - May - June - Sarah - Lucy - Bella - Cora - Susan - Gwen Don't be afraid of borrowing/appropriating fitting names from other books/movies/etc. Couple vowels, throw in a handful of consonants, mash it up until you find something you like, then promptly write them down and pick it back up the next day. And, as somebody pointed out previously, random name generators are always a bag of giggles. Take some words, print them out, cut them up into syllables, throw them into a hat or air and grab a few to mash into a name.

it could be anything as long as it looks good cos i need alot of names for races and stuff. Names are one of the few things it's ok to take from others : P Names. Also, don't be afraid to use sometimes generic or plain names. If you want symbolism, take and/or modify your subject names.

I happen to know in farsi the letter 'd' here is written as 'z', and thus 'Arz' is my mc. Even forum names might work with some little tweaks.

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Fast Loan Approvals up to * Visit: CASH-com Reply STOP to end-" This is the rd spam SMS I've gotten today- It started a few days ago with something from swizzletip (which I have never visited) about some "secret crush" trying to get in touch with me- Now I'm getting daily spam SMSs from different numbers Oh Bullfeathers Same old "implied threat" coupled with a serious affliction of "Loan Dementia" - You shills probably cut and paste this post so that you don't have to keep typing it- YOU are a liar- - It is a scam that is getting so old that it is getting long in the tooth and belly hair-I just more of your sewer rats could by caught and do some prison time Received a call from this # this afternoon- I did not answer and no message was left- NOT ANOTHER SPAM CALLER I recently changed my cell # to avoid an annoying spam caller- I thought your cell # was safe- Those days are gone- You're never safe from annoying, intrusive callers I already know about the FTC rules regardig debt collection; in fact I reported an issue last month that I had with calls from all different area codes and phone numbers to my work#, cell#, and even a relatives home # whom I don't even live with for an extended period of time- I was so tired of it all; never got any straight answers from the caller(s) of what business there were, company address, phone number etc- They would not give it out just wanted me to provide my personal information which I refused- Everytime I tried calling one of the phone numbers back I got a VM recording and then supposedly was transferred to a " representatives extension to leave a message"- What a scam that is if no one answers the phone a few minutes after they call you- Finally, I left a message that I was reporting them to the FTC and the Attorney General's office in my state- That is exactly what I did; I logged the calls, the dates, saved the threateing recorded messages of them saying that they were taking me to court, and it all was turned into both of these places- The calls finally stopped, but who knows for how long-I am just trying to alert people to calls from this phone number and what I have been told via a VM left from who knows-Maybe, I will have to file complaint on this phone number as well Truth about donotcall laws Also remember that illegitimate companies and scam artists won't respect these lists- Therefore once your enrollment goes into effect you should be extra careful of unsolicited telemarketing calls unless you know they come from a company with which you have a legitimate, established relationship They called my cell and said that I had won ,- Funny thing is that when I asked them who they were looking for, the woman told me she didn't know and that her company just gave her my number to call- I've won legitimate prizes before (local contests that I remember entering) and what company gives away a prize and not know the name of the prizewinner?

The better news is, I was planning to get a new phone anyway next week and everything will be different- Instead of being upset about it, I'm looking at the brighter side- So, now only a selected few will have my number, and all the negativity of the dependant psycho ex will no longer exist (I did wrant a little) :-)- Good luck everyone In Aug- I changed carriers and received my current phone number (should have kept my old one)- The old holder of this number had run up some debt- Many creditors have called asking for her- All but one has stopped calling once I told them I am not her, & that company was Accounts Receivable Management- When they first started calling I explained, as I have to others, I don't know the woman in question & I had recently received this number & to please take me off their call list- This number continues to call me repeatedly at all hours either hanging up or asking for a Janet Provisi and today for a new first name Torivo Provisi, neither of whom are at this number nor do I know- My new Panasonic Dect - phone has call block which allows me to store there number and block it which still lets these idiots to call once and then after the first ring it hangs up on them- I'm considering changing my number or dropping my land line, though Zeke's solution above seems good too, just would take too long to be practical Received a call from this number, (), the young lady on the other end of the phone said that she was from a credit collection agency called "CRS" in Georgia (Ms- Meyers at x) and that her company had been contracted by a team of attorneys for Quick Cash Advance to get repayment for an "unpaid loan"- I informed her that I didnot recall any such loan and requested that they send me documentation to prove that it was me who took out the loan- After she gave me my date of birth, place of residence, and last four of my S-S-#, she stated that she could not give me any documents because "the attempts had already been made" and it was "past that phase-" She offered to let me speak to another dept "to dispute" the matter, I declined- She stated that I would be subject to having law enforcement officers come to my home or place of employment and civil as well as criminal charges would be brought against me- IT IS A SCAM Legal action is sent via CERTIFIED MAIL OR DELIVERY BY A REPRESENTATIVE OF THE COURT, NEVER A PHONE CALL I WISH I HAD NEVER TAKEN OUT A PAYDAY LOAN While it did help in my time of need, I had no idea the can of snakes that I was opening up I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAINWho is calling : p-m on Saturday afternoon?

Definetely, it is not regular and normal business call- It is disturb people life style and it is shameful to those people calling from- I have caller ID box setup at home, so I do not answer the caller and just let answer machine pickup the message- Ans it turned out no message left- I think it is very serioue crime is spread over the area or anywhere in the country- It should be federal crime investigation case to be followed up After receiving phone calls for MONTHS from this number with no voice messages I finally answered it today- The caller who identified herself with two completely different names was asking questions about a relative of mine- She had his name very slightly wrong so I was immediately suspicious and asked her what company she was with- She claimed she was with an 'investment' firm and was checking my relatives "References"- I did not believe her so I called my relative and he told me it was a % scam- BEWAREThis number will not stop calling my house- It is a pre-recorded number in spanish- I had a friend of mine translate it for me and they are looking for a person who I don't know- They refuse to believe this person does not live here and they are very rude- They are a company called Pentagroup financial or something similar- They are debt collectors I also recieved this call many of times asking me if I was a Penelec customer He was not rude to me but something is just not right about this person He tried to get me to get my bill so he could refund me my money on my bill- When I ask him to call back later to talk to my husband he said this was a one time offer This is from an India-based job-trolling-sweatshop, trying to interest me in a tech job with their "client"- A guy named "Jack Dawson" emailed me and later called from this number, leaving a heavily Indian-accented message- Jack, yeah, sure- The company doing the calling is:www-catamerica-com I followed up on this with Verizon Wireless- They said there's nothing they can do about it- These people are actually called "One Touch"- The One Touch people say they represent Verizon- I told them to STOP calling, take me off their phone list because I am the DO NOT CALL list- I also filed a complaint with the Do Not Call list website- Let's see if they listen Someone called my parents from this number on and said they were with Social Security and made an appointment to come out to their house to discuss their new benefits the next day- After talking with the SSA they said Public Affairs Specialists do make house calls but for those bedridden- I'll be waitingr-premiumreward-net is solely responsible for all reward fulfillment- In order to receive your reward you must: () Meet the eligibility requirements () complete the survey () complete a total of Reward Offers as stated in the Terms & Conditions () not cancel your participation in more than a total of Reward Offers within days of any Reward Offer Sign-Up Date as outlined in the Terms & Conditions (the Cancellation Limit) and () follow the redemption instructions- Copyright © r-premiumreward-net All rights reserved- Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy This number has been calling my place of work for about a month now- Its the same guy (i think) tring to get all the personal information out of me as he can- my phone number, my day off, even my social securtiy number- I would really like him to never call me again Best Buy SCAM ALERTText message from , You've WON the Best Buy Gift Card- Use promo code (blahblah) at (bit-ly(url) Clicking that url led to bestbuyawards(dot)in Wesite showed best buy logos with a clock timer winding down quickly with a little over minutes to enter promo code-This is a phishing attempt and a scam- DO NOT GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATIONSantacruz Painting Quincy, FL () - A Professional Touch by Carlos Santacruz- We speak- English and Spanish- For all Quincy, FL and region we are offering remodeling services, painting(interior and exterior), construction services - for more give us a call- Construction Company, Kitchen Remodeler, Bathroom Remodeler, Remodeling, Remodeling Service santacruzpaintingfl-com"It's True We are giving away i Pad's to the first mobile users that go to cellrewardsnow-com enter code to qualify- Optout at celloptout -com"Came via text to me, I've signed up with my phone number on the donotcall-gov website but still got this- What is this and how should I handle it? Always seem to pick celebrity names - now Anthony Boudain?

s major wireless carriers agreed earlier this year to start using- Now, customers of AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and others can forward their text spam message to - The mobile phone carrier will ask customers for the phone number that?

s linked to the spam message so they and Cloudmark can start investigating-www-ajc-com news business text-spam-messages-on-the-rise n SWCThis person calls me at least once per week but will not leave a voicemail message and when I call the number back I always get a voice mail that says her name is something like Lindsay Dudas- Super annoying A lady called me from the number and claims to be from the radio station - lite FM- She said I can win if I gave her my name and email address which I refuse- When I look at the number on the caller Id, it wasn't from I ask her why she would call me from a radio station, she didn't answer and just hung up- I called back the number and went straight to voicemail say "You have reach Tops Products-" Just shows you what kind of people they are working there I got a call at my job and when I answered it there was just a loud mechanical sound like when a fridge or an air conditioner is running- After a few seconds a monotone, robotic sounding individual with an accent asked for someone- Creepy These people call and say they are attempting to collect a debt- They don't ask for anyone by name- Don't pick up these calls- If it's that old, the original company has already written off the debt- These people buy it for a few dollars and get it's pure profit for them Elderly persons are usually victims of this sort of crimes- Baiting these parties with a promise of sweepstakes winnings providing they pay a small fee- Example : - dollar payment done through pay pal with a return of ,- Wow what a deal- Remember the old saying " if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"this number tied together with ,its and a scam along with the number-do urselves a favor,report it to ur local sheriff,the f-b-i in ur state,the federal trades commission and anyone else u can think of-there are websites to report it as well-change all personal info,bank info,and things of this nature as well-hope i could help Call from this number- I did not answer as I don't know anyone in NJ- Did some research online and this is probably a database company verifying that the number is active- When you pick up the phone, nothing will happen because they just want to make sure someone is on the line- If you answer, I suspect you will be getting all sorts of sales calls- There's been some people online who have mentioned after answering they recieved a ton of spam emails-I think a email to the New Jersey AGs as well as AT&T (their provider)would help to shut them down Ive been getting these calls but if you take the time to read the message it says to reply STOP and they do stop after a conformation text- It comes from some sites that you evedentually filled out some info and put your cell phone on so dont complain just tezt STOP back to them- I know its annoying to recieve them just dont put your cell phone number on any forms I think I know one theory as to why people may be getting these calls- Now this is only a theory so it may be false, but I too have recently been getting these really weird phone calls where the person is trying to either sell you something or its just weird- It's annoying because I get them all day, it rings once, and if I do pick up, it's weird- My theory suggestion is that someone has given your number to either a prank calling system, or the most annoying tellamarketing company one the planet-I suspect this because I use to be friends with someone I use to date, until they started acting like an- I got over them and never wanted to pick up their calls whenever they did (no one needs negativity in their lives; there's enough already)- So they got upset and forward my number to whatever this thing is and "revenge" is set-For some of you it may have been accidental, for others, like myself, it could have been intentional, but since no one else really had a theory as to how they got the number, I thought I would be the first to post some insight- Hope this helps and this number should actually be illegal but the police really can't do much in this case- How do they get away with this?

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