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Yet, according to the recently launched Nigeria Nutrition and Health Survey 2018, only 4.8% of adolescents aged 15-19 are using modern contraceptives.These statistics belie the critical need for young people to be accurately taught about sexual and reproductive health and given access to contraception.DKT International makes use of a helpline and a web platform called Honey and Banana to provide informational services on reproductive health.

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He started using the platforms in 2017 when he joined the peer marketing group.Organizations that understand challenges that young people face when accessing SRH services are creating tech solutions, adapted to an increasingly digital world where we use mobile phones to connect, communicate and share information every day.Mobile Medics and Wellvis make use of web-based platforms to anonymously provide a wide range of health information including sexual and reproductive health information.Most will probably have to leave school to marry and start a family earlier than anticipated, or to live as a single mother with the associated stigma.If she had access to contraception and accurate information about her sexual and reproductive health, her story may have turned out differently.

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