No dating prospects

There are different types of men out there obviously, but I tend to come across certain types often.

There’s the overeager, passive-aggressive guy who’s secretly bitter and ends up annoying me instead of interesting me.

It’s not as though I want to be alone for the rest of my life, or that I think one can’t achieve personal happiness while in a relationship.

I honestly want a good guy to share my life with, but it has to be for the long haul, and not just a few years.

This is where I feel most people confuse being happy in a relationship, and believing they’re happy because they are in a relationship.

This, according to Miss Thrice-Divorced, is being selfish.Since I broached this topic to friends a few weeks ago, there’s been a mini barrage of articles explaining why some women aren’t married.It’s all pop, psychobabble for the most part, but there are a few points that did force me to ponder further.Where are the guys who can appreciate the ‘just right’? I’m one of those old-fashioned women who believe that a married man is off limits, no matter what kind of sad-eye, puppy-dog face he fakes when he complains that his wife doesn’t love him.There are also the married men or men with girlfriends who present a problem, since there are some who apparently like having their cake and other slices on the side. It’s time for this ‘single means you’re pathetic’ attitude to cease, and it’s time to shut some people up.

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