No ip linux client not updating

In addition to those problems, noip2 (at least version 2.1.9) sends your password unencrypted over the internet, which is a particularly bad thing if your No-IP account contains MX records (e-mail domain names), IMAP accounts, or any other important services.If you want to continue to use the noip2 client, it could be a good idea to use a sub-account, i.e.If you need to continue the use of HTTP, we strongly recommend utilizing your update client key instead of your account password.

There are many websites offering a Dynamic DNS – I went with from a recommendation.

If you get "make not found" or "missing gcc" then you do not have the gcc compiler tools on your machine.

You will need to install these in order to proceed.

How to set up ddclient for No-IP is described here: How can I set up a Dynamic DNS fetching service on Ubuntu Server?

i'm really new to the linux os and i was having the same problem with with no-ip on ubuntu server 12.4 after a bit of digging i found a solution.

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