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Read My Articles This is just a small selection of all the content members get access to.By Coleman Molnar Anna Farrant found boxing while rebuilding her life after recovering from substance abuse.These important functions of swear words were illustrated in the US Supreme Court case .

The Court suggested that a strong society is one that allows for, and even protects, dissident voices.

Indigenous Australians made up one-third of those convicted in 2015 (despite comprising three percent of the NSW population).

Those who drop the “f-bomb” in protest do so because this word has unique and essential functions in the English language: expletives can elicit shock, vent anger or frustration without resorting to physical violence and succinctly challenge ideas in a way that few words can.

Today, she shares her passion for the sport as co-owner of the underground boxing gym, All-City Athletics.

Vancouver has plenty of cheery storefronts, but All-City Athletics’ is not one of them.

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