Non drinking dating website

Ultimately, it’s going to be more helpful for you to date someone who understands and supports your drinking goals.In any scenario, having sex with someone new can be scary – sober or not.Club Soda expert Harriet recently went on a coffee date on a Thursday morning!So you see, nothing says that you have to stick to the post-work scenario. It also means that if you already know that your date is going nowhere, you can bail out after the interesting activity.

Sober dating is a great chance to skip the boring ‘let’s meet for a drink’ routine, and try something a bit more interesting.Even if it was terrible, you might have learnt to never got to that restaurant again, that you can get through 4 hours sober, or that you have a fantastic funny sober dating story to share with your friends.A bad date is not the end of the world, but a learning experience to help you for the next (better) date. The idea of going out on a date without the comforting blanket of alcohol to boost your confidence can seem intimidating. But we want to show that you can go out there sober(er) with confidence.

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