Non intimidating body language

It could also mean they have an urgent need or task.This back-and-forth motion is often called “the pee pee dance” but it doesn’t always mean the person doing the dance needs to find the bathroom. Another way we use this back-and-forth movement is to find a better position to observe from, but for some reason we don’t want to leave the spot we have taken.The hands-in-lap pose is sometimes used by effective therapists as a disarming mechanism, removing a sense of intimidation from their conversations with patients.But there is a darker side to the hands-in-lap pose.It can also mean “I am controlling myself and do not want you to know what I am feeling.” People who are trying to hide their state of mind often become rigid and close in.

In all cases when the other person is staring into your eyes, they are trying to capture your attention and hold it.It helps to imagine what the other person’s posture might mean in an extreme situation where they are exaggerating their stance or energy.This is the classic “Superman pose” and it means “I am ready to take action”.The child’s parent may tell the child to “look at me; focus on me” to keep the child’s attention off the distance below the bridge to the ground. They don’t realize it but they are learning to assert dominance and be submissive.The person who stares the longest is the one who wins.

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