Northern virginia adult dating

This park is right on the shores of the Potomac River and offers beautiful views of the DC monuments. You can plan an amazing meal right into your grocery budget.Click here for directions- The link goes to the yelp page for the park, which has both directions and the reviews. If you're looking for date ideas in Northern Virginia for a girl you want to marry, then this is it. Make it something that's a little time consuming but well worth it.

While many retirees might not consider a Northern Virginia active adult community, it s the perfect region with a relatively mild four-season climate that s near family and offers an easy commute to Washington D. There are large, gated communities that contain over 2,000 residences that include a variety of home styles.

Friends from out of state gasp at how much we paid for a 900 square foot townhouse.

We LOVE getting a babysitter and heading here with our best friends for a double date game night.

Pack a picnic (take the stroller if you must, sans baby to stash your stuff in- no one will be the wiser), take metro up (parking is if you'd rather do that but they run out of parking right after they open) and print off a zoo map from the website online (they charge for copies there).

The absolute best time to go is off season (we went on an unusually warm day in February and had the time of our lives).

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