Nurse dating patient family

Jim and Sheila talked briefly during the intake process and he was in the jail 48 hours.

She saw him again a couple weeks later in line at the coffee shop in town.

Almost universally, correctional facility policy is to accept no gifts from patients as they can be part of a manipulation ploy.

While most professional boundary discussions are directed toward the nurse-patient relationship, the new Code reminds us that “boundary violations can also occur in professional colleague relationships” and that “in all communications and actions, nurses are responsible for maintaining professional boundaries”.

When boundaries are crossed into a personal relationship, the focus is clouded and can easily shift to meeting the nurse’s personal needs.

When has a professional relationship changed to a personal one? Here are some common ways to evaluate if a patient relationship is moving outside the therapeutic zone.

Members included clinicians, victims of abuse, royal colleges and representatives from health-care regulatory bodies.

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The guidance lists unacceptable behaviour and states that health professionals must establish and maintain clear sexual boundaries.According to the Code of Ethics for Nurses “dating and sexually intimate relationships with patients are always prohibited” (pg.7) In another post, I discuss gifts and favors often offered to nurses.Sheila is an intake nurse in a local jail in her community.About a month ago she processed the intake for a former high school friend who, along with several other men, was charged with assault during a barroom brawl that ended with emergency response and several patrons taken to the hospital for stitches.

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