Ohio processor consolidating

The specialization of R&D in the powder processing field is a reflection of the manufacturing segmentation by production schemes and materials.

For example, a typical research concentration might be on metallic powders or ionic materials.

Consolidation processes consist of the assembly of smaller objects into a single product in order to achieve a desired geometry, structure, or property.

These processes rely on the application of mechanical, chemical, or thermal energy to effect consolidation and achieve bonding between objects.

The performance of the final component is often governed by the quality of the joining process.

This chapter presents an overview of the research needs and Among the various manufacturing technologies, powder processing is the most diverse because of its ability to economically fabricate high-quality, complex components to close tolerances from almost all materials.

They are compressible like a gas, but the compression of a powder is essentially irreversible, like the plastic deformation of a solid. Powder-based components are often selected for their low costs, but there are recognized advantages in improved quality, homogeneity, and performance properties.

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Because of this segmentation, the powder processing industry largely performs application-specific research with most of the fundamental process improvements coming from suppliers.

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These consolidated products are typically semifinished and require final thermal or machining processes.

In some material systems, consolidation of powders produces feedstock billets for extensive processing into continuous mill products of bar, rod, wire, plate, or sheet.

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