Old school mtv dating show

Most guys had at least one gleeful line about only caring about a woman’s body. Once, a guy even pulled out his dick for probably producer-coerced reasons.

With , Netflix has proven that it’s not above a good old-fashioned bad dating take.

Pauly had a good time, but he didn't exactly find love on that program. co-stars, both Pauly D and Vinny have managed to stay single long enough to get to this point.

Pauly D had a very public relationship with Aubrey O'Day that ended a couple years back.

Each episode, the most embarrassing human you could imagine would agree to go on a date with five mystery contestants.

As each equally-trash suitor emerged from the “ it was an exercise in random madness.

Clean up those atrocious haircuts, break out some less sexist joke writers, and start scouring Craigslist.

If they reach the predetermined length of time without revealing their annoyance, 0 was awarded on the spot.

But did they ever have to walk down Grafton Street behind a slow group of tourists?

Other comics, including Adam Sandler and Denis Leary, jumped in to help out occasionally, too.

The show's narrative was based on Ober's fantasy of having his own show in his mom's basement.

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