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Wilde has said that as a result of her parents' occupations, she has a "strong journalistic streak" and is "really critical and analytical." Wilde's uncles, Alexander and Patrick Cockburn, also worked as journalists; her aunt, Sarah Caudwell, was a writer; her half-cousin, Stephanie Flanders, is a journalist; and her paternal grandfather, Claud Cockburn, was a novelist and journalist.Writer Christopher Hitchens served as her babysitter.She then worked with American rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, directing the music video for their song "Dark Necessities" for their album The Getaway.Wilde starred as Devon Finestra in HBO's rock 'n' roll drama television series, Vinyl (2016).Her other paternal ancestors include abolitionist and Anglican cleric James Ramsay; politician George Arbuthnot; lawyer, judge, and literary figure Henry Cockburn, Lord Cockburn; Lord Provost of Edinburgh William Arbuthnot; and Thomas Osborne.Wilde appeared as "Jewel Goldman" on the short-lived FOX television series, Skin (2003-2004). She was in the films The Girl Next Door (2004), Conversations with Other Women (2005), Bickford Shmeckler's Cool Ideas (2006), Turistas (2006) and Alpha Dog (2006).She starred in Disney's Tron: Legacy (2010) as Quorra, the trusted friend and protector of Kevin Flynn played by Jeff Bridges.

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In May 2017, Wilde became chief brand activist of True Botanicals, a cosmetics and skin care company.She had a supporting role as Jane, a magician's assistant, in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone (2013).She also played Suzy Miller in the biographical drama Rush (2013), about James Hunt and Niki Lauda.She was also in the films, In Time (2011), On the Inside (2011) and Butter (2011).In 2011, Wilde became a global brand ambassador for the cosmetic company, Revlon, which featured her in their commercials.

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