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If you try to scroll alone, it’ll instruct you to find a friend to do the hunting.

If you want to select dates for a friend, they need to accept your invite to the app first.

Let this app be the Rorschach test for how they view your love life.

If this still sounds strange, consider that professional matchmakers charge hundreds of dollars to clients looking for a little romantic help.

Occasionally, it’s nice to take a break and tag someone else into the ring.

Wingman has potential as a confidence-booster, too.

Welcome to Furry Mate, the world's premier furry dating site.

Expatica is the international community’s online home away from home.

With in-depth features, Expatica brings the international community closer together.

Your pals see beyond the personal flaws you obsess over. Their selection is a show of affection, the kind of care you’d get from a middle-school friend marching over to your crush to tell them you think they’re cute. Do your friends think you have terrible taste in partners?

Are all the matches they pick for you suspiciously different from your usual type?

In theory, Wingman isn’t so different from handing your dating profile off to a friend in a bar.

I view dating like a wrestling match, where everyone is screaming about their personalities and throwing chairs.

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